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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facility in Palm Beach

Drug addiction is a complex and progressive disease that can severely impact the addict, their family, friends and community. If you are struggling with substance abuse, or have a friend or loved one who being overwhelmed by addiction, finding the best drug treatment programs is of utmost importance. However, with all the treatment options that are available, the process of finding an addiction treatment facility the best suits your or your loved one’s needs can be a challenging and frustrating process. Finding the perfect drug rehab facility can give you or your loved one the best chance at breaking the cycle of addiction and achieving the serenity and peace that is found in long-term recovery.

Treating Addiction in Palm Beach for Over 45 Years

The Palm Beach Institute was founded in 1970 and was the first private drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in the state of Florida. We offer clients a multidimensional and comprehensive treatment approach which recognizes that each individual has a unique path to recovery. As the premier Florida-based substance abuse facility, we are able to offer our clients a full range of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services for adolescents and adults who struggle with substance abuse as well as their families. For over 45 years The Palm Beach Institute has provided clients with the expertise needed to start living a life free of drugs and alcohol.

The Palm Beach Institute Provides a Full Continuum of Care

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, The Palm Beach Institute provides quality client care and treatment for individuals who reside in Florida as well as across the nation. We offer a wide range of services that include a multitude of substance abuse treatment therapies that are highly effective and evidence based. We also offer medical detoxification services in a clean and closely supervised environment as well as partial hospitalization services and continuing care plans for all adolescents and adults. The Palm Beach Institute is both nationally and internationally recognized for its commitment to excellence in substance abuse treatment for adults and adolescents.

In addition to traditionally-based therapy, counseling and medical care services, the experienced staff at the Palm Beach Institute also offers supplementary drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs that help clients achieve long-term recovery that encompasses the mind, body and spirit. Programs such as recreational therapy, comprehensive aftercare programs, and alumni programs are examples of the multidimensional and comprehensive approach we offer at The Palm Beach Institute. We deliver these programs within a supportive and healing atmosphere in which the addict gains confidence, support and empowerment which frees them from the ravages of addiction. This multidimensional approach that is employed by the staff The Palm Beach Institute recognizes that each individual is unique with a distinct set of characteristics involving race, culture, life history, drug of choice and using style, among other traits.

Recognizing the fact that each person responds to different therapeutic and counseling approaches, The Palm Beach Institute has also established a unique approach to family therapy, psychiatry and mental health counseling in addition to substance abuse counseling and therapy. An example of this approach would include alternative therapies such as the use of an emerging technique called psychodrama. With this therapeutic technique, therapists use guided drama and role playing exercises to help patients uncover those specific past issues and events which lead to addictive behaviors. Clients recreate the life situations within their family structure— in both their immediate and extended family—and uncover those life events which led the client to their substance use and abuse.

The Palm Beach Institute: Leading the Way in Adolescent and Aftercare Programs

The Palm Beach Institute also offers programs for adolescents aged 13-17 who are struggling with drug and alcohol dependence issues. Our skilled clinicians realize that one of the major challenges in working with young people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol is creating an environment in which they feel they are not alone. The staff at Palm Beach Institute work to create an atmosphere of trust and a sense that clients are, indeed, associating with others who can relate to them in their group and individual settings. With our adolescent drug treatment programs, we cover the important topics that young people can relate to including:

  • The influence of peer pressure
  • Individual beliefs and value systems
  • Developmental issues
  • Family dynamics and history with substance abuse

Additionally, The Palm Beach Institute offers aftercare programs such as the Olive House, which is a 12-Step based transitional sober living house for adults. Located just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, residents of Olive House put into practice and life and coping skills that were learned in treatment while they slowly transition back into their normal lives and routines. There are also three-day family programs that are available where families of those struggling with addiction can be active participants in the healing process. The full continuum of care provided by The Palm Beach Institute provides stability and consistency throughout every step of an individual’s stay. In each step, clients are evaluated; and, challenges to long-term recovery are identified and addressed in order to build a solid relapse prevention plan.

Contact the Best in Addiction Treatment, The Palm Beach Institute Today

In addition to providing clients with high quality treatment programming, the Palm Beach Institute is also nationally recognized and accredited in the services they provide to all clients. Our treatment facility is accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, which was formed in 1951 and has been acknowledged as the leader in the development of the highest standards in the healthcare field. The Palm Beach Institute is also accredited by the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).  The NAATP, developed in 1978, has stood at the forefront in the addiction treatment field.

For those who are concerned about insurance coverage and the cost of care at The Palm Beach Institute, our staff collaborates with many insurance professionals and advocates on behalf of patients to make optimal use of available insurance benefits. We work with and accept insurance from many healthcare providers, and we also offer partial or full private-pay options for those patients who may be underinsured or have no insurance. Our goal at The Palm Beach Institute is to make treatment accessible for all patients. Our trained coordinators work closely with all prospective patients and insurance providers to develop a financial plan that works for everyone.

For more information, contact The Palm Beach Institute toll-free at 1-855-960-5456. Don’t wait another day; start your journey to recovery today.


Matt B’s Recovery Story

Raised in a "good home," I was dealing drugs and a full-blown addict by age fourteen. In two months, I celebrate getting my one-year sobriety chip. To celebrate, I’m going to Israel to live on a Kibbutz for two months. Raised in an upper class, low-crime neighborhood in a family that was...
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The Palm Beach Institute Gives You What You Need

I'll start by saying this, if you're an addict or alcoholic, you've been born with a "warped" set of ideals. The things you want, and the things you think you need, are often going to put you in situations that make your life worse. You think that everyone may be out to get you and that your...
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The Center Felt Like a Day Spa

The Palm Beach Institute is a wonderful recovery/treatment center. They have a great and caring staff that shows alot of individual attention. The property and facilities are wonderful. The center felt like a day spa most of the time. The groups were incredibly informative and gave me a great...
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The Palm Beach Institute Rehab is The Best Gift I Could Have Given My Son

It takes courage, awareness, willingness and love to leave our teens in the hands of strangers, as I did my own son at seventeen years of age. He went voluntarily with a Sober Escort: a young man who lives his recovery, as I knew it would be better for Chris to transport Alex to The Palm Beach...
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I Highly Recommend The Palm Beach Institute

My name is Mike S., and I am a resident of New Jersey. After many years of sobriety, I relapsed. I was, again, trapped in the miserable abyss of my active alcohol addiction; and, once again,  I was unable to stop my drinking. I asked several friends of mine about rehabs. They recommended...
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I Had A Spiritual Awakening at The Palm Beach Institute

Six months prior to my arrival at The Palm Beach Institute, I went to a New Jersey rehab, reluctantly. There were over 125 people there, and it was very demoralizing. Even though the food was great, and I was able to follow directions well, I was not like the people there. They had money,...
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The Palm Beach Institute Gave Me My First Step Toward Recovery

At first, I was not exactly happy with the place because of rules. certain groups, staff, and little things like that. Once I was able to look past that and look at myself, I realized this place is actually here to help us; and, all the groups are very informative. The staff was able to help me...
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I Love Everyone That Helped Me at The Palm Beach Institute

I came to The Palm Beach Institute because it was in Florida. When I first got here, I hated the place because all they wanted me to do was talk about my feelings; and,  I'm not that type of person. The staff and me always clashed heads, I never wanted to stay in groups ,and I hated my therapist...
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My Stay at The Palm Beach Institute was Quick But Effective

My stay at The Palm Beach Institute was quick but very effective. I stayed for thirty days; and, throughout those thirty days, many of my problems were solved. I was also given tools to attack the problems that I will encounter in the future. Therapists were very open to client opinions and...
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The Palm Beach Institute Was My Fifth (5th)Treatment Facility

I was a patient at The Palm Beach Institute several years ago and was treated with respect and dignity. The experience was far beyond what I could have imagined! The staff were all courteous and respected my privacy but didn't allow me to get in my own way during the whole process. They called...
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Thank You The Palm Beach Institute for Giving Me My Daughter Back

I am writing to thank the wonderful staff at The Palm Beach Institute for giving me my daughter back to me! I won't use my real name so as to protect my daughter's identity. My fifteen-year-old daughter was in treatment at The Palm Beach Institute recently for more than forty days; and, thanks...
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The Palm Beach Institute Saved My Life

Going to The Palm Beach Institute literally saved my life, and I want to say thank you! I started using drugs when I moved to a new area at eleven years old. By the time I started high school, I was on a collision course of drug use. I kept making the same bad choices and could not stop...
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The Palm Beach Institute Helped Our Son and Family Heal

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to you and the other staff members at The Palm Beach Institute. My fifteen-year-old son entered The Palm Beach Institute a very confused, scared, drug-addicted teen, with little to no self-confidence. Despite all of the previous...
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The Palm Beach Institute Gave Us Hope for Our Teen

I was so glad when I found The Palm Beach Institute for my son. It was his third facility, and his dad and I were very discouraged. When we first saw the facility, we were thrilled. It was so inviting and not like the “prison atmosphere” that was at the other two facilities. It looked...
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Our Programs


Male Adolescent Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

If you are the parent of a teenage son, you understand they are going through a period of immense physical, emotional and psychological growth. As their bodies and minds mature, adolescents are learning how to make sense of the world they live in and are understanding how to interact with others on...
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Adult Addiction Rehabilitation in Palm Beach at The Olive House

For those people who are suffering from the effects of drug and alcohol abuse or addiction, it is highly recommended they seek help at an inpatient drug treatment facility. Adult inpatient rehab programs removes the addict from the negative influences and circumstances that contributed to their...
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palm beach detox center

Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox Center in Palm Beach

In order to effectively and fully recover from the effects of drug and alcohol abuse, those who undergo drug treatment must complete several important steps to achieve that ultimate goal. An important early step in recovery is the medical detoxification process, in which patients are closely...
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Addiction Recovery Family Program

For the family of a loved one who is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, understanding both the disease aspect of addiction and how it affects both the addict and those closest to the addict, can be a formidable challenge. Oftentimes, family members do not know how to communicate how...
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Addiction Recovery Alumni Program

The Alumni Program at The Palm Beach Institute provides newly-graduated clients with both the advocacy and support they need as they return to their respective communities and continue their journey of recovery. The alumni program can help those who are reintegrating into everyday life by...
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