The Palm Beach Institute was founded in 1970 and was the first private drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in the state of Florida. We offer a multidimensional and comprehensive treatment approach, which recognizes that each individual is unique and therefore has a unique path to recovery. We believe that recovery doesn’t end with treatment, so we offer the full continuum of care from detox services to intensive outpatient programs.

Many people think that treatment begins and ends with the physical aspect of substance use. However, we understand that a person’s mindset is always at the root of their addiction. By using the latest clinically-proven therapies, we help you address the thoughts and behaviors that lead to a life of addiction.

With a convenient facility located in downtown West Palm Beach just 15 minutes from the nearest airport and less than 10 minutes from the beautiful sands of the beach, The Palm Beach Institute has provided clients with the education and therapies needed to start living a life free of drugs and alcohol for close to 50 years. As the premier Florida-based substance abuse facility, we are able to offer a full range of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services for those who struggle with substance abuse as well as their families.

Facility Features

  • Detox Services

    An important early step in recovery is the medical detoxification process, in which you will be closely monitored by medical staff for any signs of physical and psychological withdrawal that occur when you stop taking substances.

  • Inpatient Care

    Our inpatient addiction treatment program makes use of effective treatment and counseling therapies in both groups and individual situations. In addition to receiving counseling in an inpatient setting, you will be surrounded by peers who are going through similar experiences.

  • Family Programs

    Family recovery is an essential piece of effective drug treatment, and our staff strives to provide you and your family members with the tools you need to support and empower one another throughout the treatment process.

The multidimensional approach employed by the staff at The Palm Beach Institute recognizes that you have a distinct set of characteristics that involve your own unique culture, life history, and mindset, which directly contribute to your individuality.

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Making the Delphi Difference

We are proud to call ourselves a member of the Delphi Behavioral Health Group network of facilities. Delphi is dedicated to fostering lasting sobriety through clinically-based modalities and therapies that address the behaviors behind addiction rather than just the substance abuse. By equipping you with the mindset you need to combat relapse triggers along the road to recovery, Delphi works to help you turn over that new leaf for good.

Where other facilities might accommodate large numbers of patients in more impersonal settings. Delphi makes use of more intimate environments and lower client-to-staff ratios that allow us to give you the attention and care you need to overcome your addiction.

There are many different options for addiction treatment, making choosing the right facility a challenge. As more light is shed on the drug treatment situation in South Florida and the growing opioid epidemic in this country, the Palm Beach Institute stands by the other Delphi facilities across the country in its standards of excellence and dedication to sustainable recovery. This enduring mission and commitment to integrity is what makes up the Delphi Difference.