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5 Ways to Help a Loved One in Rehab

Helping a loved one struggling with addiction can be extremely difficult without the proper

help. But how can you help a loved one in rehab? Addiction isn’t something that should just be

swept under the rug. Drug addiction is often a matter of life and death. It is a disease, that, if

left untreated, can lead to an unnecessary loss of life. When trying to help a loved one with rehab

there are many things that must be addressed and handled properly.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are very serious and complex diseases, and therefore, should be

treated as such. Drug addiction usually comes with many underlying issues, and sadly, there is no

proven cure or magic bullet to help someone stop using drugs or drinking. The

best option is going to be drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

5 Steps to Helping & Healing

There are many items to keep in mind, and when trying to get help for a loved one

suffering with addiction. You’re probably wondering: “How can I help my loved one in rehab?”

1. Learn About the Disease of Addiction and Alcoholism


Do your research; you don’t want to go into this blindly. Read about different statistics associated

with drug addiction. Look into the various support groups available in your

area. It’s important to know what your loved one is going through, so you can better relate

with them.

2. Make it known that you are there to help and that you are worried.


Assure your loved one that you are there to provide support in every way you can. Pledge to them

that you will be there through the process and that you’re willing to help in any way possible.

3. Explain the importance of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

As previously stated, this is a matter of life and death in most situations. With this disease, you

can literally love someone to death. Addiction treatment is time-sensitive. They must make the most out of every

day spent in treatment. Tell them to listen to suggestions, take advice, and work on themselves.

4. A letter or a small package can brighten up a hard week.


Drug and alcohol addiction treatment is not a walk in the park for most. The road to

recovery is not an easy one, especially the first 30 days. Between being away from

drugs and/or alcohol plus away from any family and friends is pretty tough. Sending an

occasional letter or package can help get them through this tough time.

5. Support afterwards, continued love.

Once you loved one is out of rehab stay with them through this journey. This is when they need

you most. Whether they agreed to go into halfway house or are going back home and going to

start meetings in their area, you want to continue to verbalize that you are there if they need you.

Keep them motivated, say how proud you are, and tell them you see a change for the better. Offer

rides to a meeting, or maybe accompany them if you have time. Small gestures can

really help keep the motivation going.

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