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About the Palm Beach Institute in Florida

The Palm Beach InstituteThe first private addiction treatment program in Southern Florida, The Palm Beach Institute has helped more than 12,000 adults and adolescents recover from drug and alcohol addiction throughout its distinguished 45-year  history. The numbers only tell a portion of the story. Look beyond 45 years of service, and you will see thousands of patients served, and find true-life stories about the people at The Palm Beach Institute. You’ll meet inspiring and brave patients who have transformed their lives with our help. You’ll feel warmth and compassion on the faces of the clinical staff, as they tell you about the rewarding experiences that keep them coming to work, day after day. And, you’ll learn about the outstanding qualifications of our clinical staff and management team. Skilled, experienced, and compassionate, our multidisciplinary team collaboratively delivers quality programming, which is shaped according to each patient’s individualized needs. Patients receive a high standard of care across modalities, including: medical treatment, psychiatric care, experiential therapy, psychotherapy, nutritional guidance, and after-care.

We Are the Delphi Difference

As one of Florida’s oldest drug treatment centers, we’ve always been true to the tried and tested techniques for addiction recovery. One of the most effective aspects of our facility is something we share with all Delphi facilities: our intimate setting and the personal relationships we develop with our clients. We want to get to know you and your background so we can help you treat your addiction from the ground up.




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The Palm Beach Institute: Leading the Way in 12-Step Sober Living Programs

The Palm Beach Institute offers aftercare programs such as the Olive House, which is a 12-Step based transitional sober living house. Located just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, residents of Olive House put into practice and life and coping skills that were learned in treatment while they slowly transition back into their normal lives and routines. There are also three-day family programs that are available where families of those struggling with addiction can be active participants in the healing process. The full continuum of care provided by The Palm Beach Institute provides stability and consistency throughout every step of an individual’s stay. In each step, clients are evaluated; and, challenges to long-term recovery are identified and addressed in order to build a solid relapse prevention plan.