Working with Referents at the The Palm Beach Institute
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Professional Communication with Referents

Professional Communication with Referents

At The Palm Beach Institute, we value our relationships with professionals in the medical, legal, therapeutic and recovery communities. Accessibility, open lines of communication, and client service form the basis of our long-standing referent relationships. We know how important it is to keep you informed, and, in many cases, to send the client back to you for continued treatment upon discharge from PBI.

The Palm Beach Institute’s Business Development and Outreach staff works with talented and qualified interventionists, therapists, and others in the recovery community to ensure that the needs of our referents’ clients, our potential patients, and the referents themselves are addressed in a manner that is timely and focused on transitioning the patient comfortably into treatment.

The Palm Beach Institute is here to help you help your clients. Please let our intake staff know what your individual communication needs are and the type of communication you prefer (i.e. email, weekly phone calls, or fax.)


Additional opportunities for referrals to other treatment centers or hospital facilities include:

  • Referral of process addiction clients
  • Identification of secondary trauma and psychiatric issues that require a higher level of psychotherapeutic care
  • Appropriate referrals for specialized extended treatment and aftercare support
  • Gender-specific treatment when mixed-gender treatment will derail recovery
  • Process Addiction without a primary addiction to alcohol or drugs
  • Medical stabilization