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Prescription Opioid Treatment: Know the Basics

prescription opioid treatment

In need of prescription opioid treatment, but not sure what to look out for? The Palm Beach Institute has been treating people with opioid addiction, which includes heroin, since the day we opened our doors in 1970. Learn how many treatment centers, including PBI, address prescription opioid addiction in our clients. Treatment Options for Prescription […]

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What Are the Symptoms of Delirium Tremens?

Delirium tremens

Delirium tremens may sound like the words of a mystical wizard, but the reality of the Latin phrase is a much more non-fictional, life threatening battle endured by long term alcoholics. The Latin words, meaning “trembling delirium”, illustrate the intense symptoms experienced by the patient during their detox period. Delirium tremens (DTs) was first named […]

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Debunking The Mystery of Alcoholism: Is Genetic Alcoholism Real?

genetic alcoholism

For as long as mankind has existed, so have addicts and alcoholics. Even in ancient times there were plenty of men and women who struggled with drinking too much wine or dabbling in other substances. Alcoholism and addiction have always fascinated us as well as frightened us. For many years, we had little understanding of […]

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How Binge Drinking Affects Your Blood Alcohol Level

blood alcohol level

Alcohol is a very powerful substance. As a society, Americans are some of the most indulgent in alcohol in the world. With how commonplace its use and even abuse is, it’s easy to see how our outlook on alcohol can be skewed. In fact, Americans are actually more prone to binge drinking than most other […]

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5 Myths of Alcohol Use You Should Know About

alcohol use

Alcohol has been a big part of human culture since its creation. Because it is so widely used and abused, there is almost as much folk wisdom surrounding alcohol as there is verifiable information. For instance, one of the most prevalent seems to be Hollywood’s depiction of withdrawal and detox. Television and movies often show […]

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Addicts or Not: Is Alcohol a Drug?

is alcohol a drug

Alcohol has been consumed throughout history from ancient Babylon to a Friday night at Applebee’s. It has been used as an anesthetic, a cleaning agent, mouthwash, and a social lubricant for thousands of years. Beer and wine were often alternatives to water in places where drinking water was unclean. Even the Bible recommends its use […]

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5 Ways Drinking Can Ruin a Marriage

drinking can ruin a marriage

When people marry, they form an unbreakable bond and vow to be there for each other for better or for worse. But what happens when those bonds are tested by alcohol abuse and addiction? There always are consequences when excessive drinking is in the mix. But when alcohol use disorder has invaded the lives of […]

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How Long Does Heroin Stay in Your System?

How Long Does Heroin Stay in Your System

Whether you have a history of drug use or not, you may have to go through a drug test at some point in your life. It’s required when applying for specific jobs, especially government positions. And, if you live in a sober living house, you’ll be given frequent and random drug tests. If you have […]

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How Can I Tell If I’m Addicted To Pain Medication?

addicted to painkillers

An estimated 100 million U.S. adults live with chronic pain, which, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, affects more people than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. Pain can be felt in one place on the body or all over, which may be described as a sharp or dull ache, soreness, […]

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13 Signs You’re Suffering from PAWS

Post-acute-withdrawal syndrome

The first step in any effective addiction treatment plan is medical detoxification, in which someone is closely monitored by medical professionals as they purge their body of the substances they have become dependent on. This process involves both physical and mental withdrawal symptoms, which are typically very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Though the length and […]

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