15 Signs You’re Going to a Great Rehab

The process of beginning your journey towards sobriety and long-term recovery can be overwhelming and fraught with confusion. Once the decision is made to address a substance abuse issue through drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation, the amount of information and questions regarding that information can come at you from all angles. After doing the research, the ultimate question that needs to be answered is if the rehab that you have chosen is the best rehab facility that best suits your needs. The following list outlines the 15 signs that that rehab you have chosen is going to be a great rehab for you.

15. Cost Friendly

Drug & alcohol treatment isn’t cheap; some of the best inpatient drug treatment facilities can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. While the cost of treatment may be a formidable obstacle, the best drug treatment facilities accept insurance from many health insurance providers and with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, many services are now covered fully. In the case that an individual doesn’t have insurance or the insurance they have doesn’t cover rehab, the best facilities may provide scholarships or some form of financial aid.

14. Highly Credentialed Staff

A great rehab has licensed, experienced, and qualified staff. The personnel that is employed at the best rehabs have many years of experience dealing with the specific issues and unique needs of those struggling with both the physical and psychological aspects of abuse. Additionally, many staff members are recovering addicts themselves and as a result, they have both the knowledge and empathy needed to support and empower those in treatment.

13. Accreditation

Great rehab facilities have the current and proper accreditation in the states they operate. These facilities also perform comprehensive audits on an internal basis in order to meet the criteria put forth by accreditation agencies such as the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) or The Joint Commision. These types of accreditations ensure a client that the treatment facility meets all the expected criteria and is a top-notch provider.

12. High Success Rate

The best drug rehab programs have high success rates that are measurable and documented. High success rates include a low percentage of clients leaving treatment early, low relapses when a client leaves treatment, the amount of time between leaving treatment and relapse, and long-term sobriety clients. You have chosen a great rehab when the facilities have their success rates documented by impartial outside sources that are credentialed and respected.

11. Solid Aftercare Program

Those drug treatment facilities that rank among the best have solid and successful aftercare programs in place after an individual completes formal drug treatment. These aftercare programs can include individual counseling, halfway houses, employment assistance and placement into housing.

10. Small Client/Staff Ratio

Drug & alcohol rehabilitation facilities that have high success rates have a small client to staff ratio. Smaller ratios mean a greater focus on the individual client and greater attention to the specific and unique needs of each client.

9. Comprehensive Treatment Programs

Great rehabs offer a myriad of treatment programs which can include counseling, therapy, and twelve-step programs as well as holistic, recreational and other alternative therapy models. This multidisciplinary treatment plan encourages clients to work on all aspects of recovery including treating their mind, body and spiritual life.

8. The Environment

Great rehab facilities provide their clients with a safe, warm and healing atmosphere. These facilities are modern and well-kept and may offer private rooms and other amenities that make a patient’ stay comfortable and conducive to recovery. Many treatment facilities now offer separate housing from the clinical treatment facility providing a sense of privacy for their clients to help with the beginning of their journey of recovery.

7. Individualized Treatment

Rehab centers that have the best success rates provide individualized treatment plans that are tailored to the individual needs of each client. Recovery is not a “one size fits all” concept. Many treatment centers will create an individualized plan for their clients once the detoxification period is over and the real work begins. The concept of individualized treatment plans ensures that every client is getting the treatment that best fits their situation and personal issues to overcome addiction.

6. Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Great drug treatment programs realize that long-term recovery not only depends on helping an individual cease their substance abuse. Long-term recovery also is dependent on the treatment of co-occurring mental disorders that may lie at the root of someone’s substance addiction issues which is why a great drug & alcohol treatment facility will offer dual-diagnosis treatment. Many of the best treatment facilities now provide a psychiatrist on staff to help clients adjust to being sober and deal with any mental health issues that may exist or arise such as depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD to name a few.

5. Family Programs

You have chosen a great rehab when the facility offers programs where family members can be an active part of your own recovery. The family’s role in recovery is just as important as the clients, so a great treatment center will incorporate a family program which may include family weekends, family therapy ( in person or over the phone) as well as family support and education on the disease of Addiction.

4. Treatment Options

Great rehab centers offer a full continuum of care for the various stages of treatment including on-site detoxification, inpatient and outpatient rehab, twelve-step programs and alumni programs to name a few.

3. Nutritional Education/Recreation

Drug & alcohol treatment centers with the best success rates understand the importance of proper nutrition and recreational activities and offer comprehensive programs and interventions that address these two critical recovery areas. A great facility will encourage healthy eating and physical activity to help clients rebuild their physical health.

2. Life Skills Training

Drug & alcohol treatment facilities with the best reputations offer comprehensive life skills training so those in treatment can transition easier back to their daily lives and routines. Examples include job skills, interviewing, grocery shopping, budgeting and finding housing.

1. Alumni Program

Great treatment facilities have active alumni who can act as peer support for those who just completed treatment. These alumni programs have an active presence on social media and are a regular and proactive presence. This ensures that a treatment center maintains contact with their clients after they leave the treatment facility, and encourages the addicts to reach out in times of need to prevent relapse.

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