7 Signs of Addiction You May Not Know About

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Drug addiction is a complex disease with social, psychological, and biological roots. Addiction is also progressive, and those in the grips of substance abuse can only maintain appearances for so long until the signs and symptoms become evident. While some drug addiction symptoms can be very apparent to family and friends, there are those symptoms which are more subtle, and yet, are just as important to recognize. In order to know if someone is using drugs, you need to be aware of as many signs and symptoms as possible. If you know that you or your loved one needs help overcoming addiction, contact a drug and alcohol rehab treatment center. The sooner you act, the better.

7 signs of addiction that you may not know about:

1. Staying Late at Work

For people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, a way they may cover their tracks is by working late or taking extra shifts at work. The addict will do so under the guise of making extra money or becoming more successful in their position. By working late, it can provide the perfect cover for other symptoms of addiction such as lack of sleep, loss of appetite, or withdrawing from family activities. Additionally, they will rationalize their use of drugs and alcohol by saying “I work hard, so I deserve to have a little fun.”

2. Driving Great Distances

Some addicts may go to great lengths to hide their addiction, such as driving to another town or state to buy drugs or alcohol. They may even drive to another town or state to dispose of empty bottles or paraphernalia. If a person is addicted to prescription medications, they may visit multiple doctors in other communities. All of these behaviors can occur because the addict does not want to arouse suspicion or cause trouble.

3. Money Schemes

Financial problems can be a more explicit sign of drug addiction. But, the addict may come up with subtle ways to get more money in order to fund their habit. Some of the lesser-known methods that addicts may use to fund their habit: obtaining multiple payday loans, picking up odd jobs, or tapping into their 401K or child’s education fund. Also, those addicts may ask to take over family finances in order to cover up for shortages.

4. Unexplained Injuries or Accidents

If people abuse drugs and alcohol, it can cause poor coordination and balance, which can lead to injuries or accidents that wouldn’t necessarily happen under normal circumstances. These injuries can range from bruises and black eyes to more serious injuries, such as sprains or broken bones. Often, addicts will try and explain away these injuries and are quick to change the subject, especially if these injuries are accompanied by bloodshot eyes or unusual smells coming from their clothes or breath. This is a definite sign that the addict needs to be in a drug and alcohol rehab center.

5. Being Sick Without Reason

Alcoholics and addicts regularly don’t feel well and may experience illnesses that are both frequent and vague. Those with a drug addiction may also feign sickness to duck out of work or a family event in order to use drugs and alcohol. These illnesses are often accompanied by low energy and irritability.

6. Storytelling

Another sign of drug addiction is if an addict often tells stories in order to cover their actions while under the influence. Telling stories to others is a natural reaction for those who can’t admit they have an addiction. Additionally, people who are addicts will often proclaim to others dramatically they haven’t had a drink or drug in weeks in order to deflect suspicion.

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