How to Detox from Suboxone

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There are many drugs to which people can become addicted. Although many of them are illicit substances, there are also a number of drugs that were legally created and intended to help people or be beneficial in some way such as with painkillers and other forms of medication.

Many times people associate addiction with alcohol or street drugs like heroin and crystal meth, but street drugs are only some of the many substances to which many individuals have become addicted. It’s the alcohol, street drugs, and misuse substances that are responsible for rates of addiction that have reached epidemic level-proportions.

It’s not uncommon for a substance that appears to be safe and beneficial to end up being highly addictive and dangerous. In fact, individuals are sometimes surprised by the substances and even behaviors that can potentially be addictive. However, of the many addictive substances that exist, opioids such as heroin and prescription painkillers are widely considered to be the most concerning. In fact, many sources consider opioid drugs to be the worst and the most highly addictive, which would suggest that they’re also the most difficult addictions to overcome.

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As such, researchers and healthcare professionals have sought more effective ways of helping individuals suffering from opioid addiction to overcome this deadly disease, including creating medications that are meant to treat symptoms of addiction.

Suboxone is one such drug that is most familiar as the substance commonly used in addiction treatment programs, but it’s been suggested that Suboxone is equally as addictive as the opioids it was designed to replace, even causing withdrawals among those who have become dependent. Therefore, the following will define Suboxone, explaining how individuals could become dependent on the drug as well as the process to detox from Suboxone.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is an opiate narcotic pain reliever that is commonly used in medical detoxification situations for those who are detoxing from opiates such as Oxycontin, Vicodin, codeine, methadone, and heroin. Suboxone is similar in chemical structure to heroin, morphine, and codeine, but it does not provide the same euphoria that those drugs provide.

Suboxone is used in detox situations to lessen the withdrawal symptoms from opiate abuse. However, Suboxone can be is overused and subsequently abused and if a person ceases use of Suboxone and goes into withdrawal there can potentially be severe symptoms such as lowered blood pressure and heart rate, cold skin, severe respiratory stress, and even coma and death.

The Danger of Suboxone Addiction

Even though Suboxone is meant for the treatment of opioid addiction and contains measures that make it resistant to misuse, individuals who take Suboxone as a maintenance drug as part of a replacement therapy program will inevitably become dependent on Suboxone — physically as well as psychologically — in a similar manner as they had been dependent on heroin or opiate painkillers prior to when they began taking Suboxone. If such an individual were to abruptly stop taking Suboxone, he or she would begin experiencing withdrawal symptoms in much the same way as they would while addicted to heroin or painkillers.

In order to stop taking Suboxone successfully without experiencing withdrawal symptoms, one must essentially be weaned off the substance via a very slow or incremental taper, which will afford  him or her the opportunity to adjust to smaller and smaller amounts of buprenorphine in his or her system without triggering any unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

This must be done under professional supervision in order to ensure that an individual’s taper isn’t too abrupt; in some instances, tapering off Suboxone may take many months or even a couple years in order to avoid post-acute withdrawal syndrome, which is a form of withdrawal that can occur and continue long after an individual has gotten sober.

Although many physicians favor Suboxone because of the very minimal high it offers, the drug does still offer a small level of euphoria when misused. However, regardless of whether individuals are misusing or dependent due to prolonged Suboxone maintenance, addiction to Suboxone can occur with the most common signs being comparable to those of other opioid addictions, including respiratory depression, severe drowsiness or difficulty maintaining consciousness, and so on. Moreover, Suboxone addiction has shown to cause poor coordination, erratic behavior, and mood, very small pupils, poor memory, and slurred speech.

Ways to Detox from Suboxone – What is the Detox Protocol?

The most ideal treatment situation regarding Suboxone detox is undergoing an expert, medically managed Suboxone detox program. Suboxone in itself is comprised of two powerful narcotics, which are buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is an opioid medication and Naloxone is a special narcotic drug that reverses the effects of other narcotic medicines. Therefore, detoxification from Suboxone dependence is similar to detoxification from similar narcotic and opioid drugs.

With Suboxone detox, however, because of the potentiality for severe withdrawal symptoms as well as death, the procedure will include gradually diminishing the dose of the drug over time in order to minimize the impact of the withdrawal symptoms. The protocol for the “weaning down” process in Suboxone detoxification will be dictated by treatment staff and is dependent on factors such as length of time on Suboxone, the severity of withdrawal symptoms as well as any polydrug addiction concerns, among others.

An option that can be explored in Suboxone detox is the use of naltrexone therapy. Naltrexone is similar to morphine and fills up the opiate receptors in the brain and this decreases cravings and the residual withdrawal symptoms.

Alternative Ways to Get off of Suboxone

Detox from Suboxone dependence may not work for everyone; therefore alternative options need to be considered. Acupuncture, for example, has been used as an adjunct (as a supplement) to formal detoxification programs. Another alternative method to Suboxone dependence is the use of EEG biofeedback. Also known as neurofeedback, EEG biofeedback helps clients train their brain to reduce reactions to external stressors. Studies have shown that neurofeedback has cumulative effects and can significantly shorten the length of reaction time to stress.

There are other alternative methods that can be used to combat Suboxone dependence and can help get people off of Suboxone. Some of those methods can include mindful meditation techniques, yoga, hypnotherapy as well as nutritional interventions. Amino acid supplements such as L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine and L-Methionine can also be used in alternative methods of detox from Suboxone.

As stated earlier, these options will work best in conjunction with quality medical detoxification procedures. As with any intervention program or option, obtaining sound medical advice from licensed and qualified medical personnel will be crucial in minimizing the symptoms and risk in Suboxone withdrawal.

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The Palm Beach Institute is Here to Help You Get Sober

Like the many other substances to which individuals can become addicted, Suboxone can be highly effective when used correctly by professionals while also being incredibly harmful when misused. It’s essential that individuals suffering from Suboxone addiction, or any other type of chemical dependency, seek professional assistance and treatment for addiction in order to overcome this debilitating disease.

If you or someone you love would benefit from learning more about the recovery process, the Palm Beach Institute is here to help. For a free consultation and assessment, call us today at 855-960-5456 to speak with one of our caring, knowledgeable recovery specialists.

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  • My Suboxone Doctor completely took me off Suboxone with no detox, I cut the dose down myself over 20 days. Then the Doctor( I use the term loosely) wants me to go back on it and come down again! Saving his license I am sure.
    I asked My family doctor for an appointment to help me with the side effects of this, not asking for any Narcotics, no one will help me! SWHAT DO I DO? I can’t think straight, anxiety, no sleep, NO ENERGY! AND I DON’T WANT RELAPSE!


    1. I came off a serious Oxycontin addiction, with suboxone. I never took more than half a strip a day in the beginning and then taper down every week until I reach .25 mil mg a day just a sliver. I stayed on that for a while being afraid to jump off. So I started skipping a day or two. One day I felt strong enough to make it a third day in a fourth day off of everything. What I did not expect was something that I know now to be a detox delirium. It kicked in on the fourth day my kids took pictures of me running through the house screaming and naked. And I have no memory of that even though I wasn’t nothing anymore. Oh yeah and I threw up all over the place too.its been 3 months now since that last .25 sliver of suboxone. I don’t have the energy I used to have. But I’m praying this will pass. At least I’m not a slave to a drug or sick all the time and that’s good enough for me right now. Who cares if the laundry doesn’t get done in the house doesn’t get cleaned for a while. This is my life and it’s more important than clean laundry. Eventually I will be whole again I’m taking vitamins and supplements and trying to eat better and I know that in time I will get better. I went through the hard part now the rest should easier. The best of luck To you, my prayers are with you. You can do this!

  • I’ve recently detoxed off of suboxone, cold turkey, it wasn’t so bad, I have loved ones that were there for me, that made it easier, detox lasted about a week of feeling horrible, throwing up, aches and pains, eventually it went away, I basicly put other things to mind, lots of music, and my fieonce helped by just being there, lots of sleep.

  • I am Currently off Suboxone/Subutex for 20 days , I am experiencing Chills . Upset Stomach at times , Lack of Energy , I Tapered for 6 months from 8 mg to 1 mg and Jumped off , I took this upon myself with No Help. What Causes the Body to become cold ? I am also on Neurontin and Klonopin and a Blood Pressure pill , I used Kratom to help ease Withdrawal , Now I am Tapering the Kratom . Next I will Taper off the Klonopin .

  • I used to be prescribed Suboxone and the Dr just decided one day I didn’t need it anymore. The withdrawal from it is the most terrible thing I have ever experienced. I was under the impression, I would be tapered off of this medication since I was hesitate about taking it to begin with. Any ideas on how to lessen the withdrawal.

  • I was a big user of V for a long time. Getting off was a 10 day process of literal hell. This time I knew I could do it if I could just have a hand so I took the Suboxone program for two months. Then I decided I would stop since its been two months and OMG!!!! Let me make this perfectly clear to you if you are one of us and you are considering this medication. This drug is for people on a track to the grave or the jail. If you are a user and not on the verge of overdosing or stealing to pay for your habit then do not use this medicine. The withdraws from this can not be described using the human language. I am a small veteran of the withdraw however this has brought me to my knees. Yes, yes, yes you still get to enjoy the Flu like symptoms as any opiate addiction promises for the first 5 days however the devil has much more in store for you after that. The weakness to move your limbs is what I believe one with MS experiences. You can walk about 4 minutes and you will sleep about 2 to 3 hours per 24 hour period. The bottom line is that the change in the receptors causes a significantly longer withdraw causing a person to be worn to the bone.

    Me? 44 year old male MR. Normal. Where am I? I am on day 15 hour 4. I don’t take it day by day I take it hour by hour only realizing that the sun will rise and I will not die. YOU??? You my friend are reading this because you are one of us and you want out and for that I salute you and I pray for you. Do this now, do it and step over the line don’t ever come back.

    Some say that because of the dynamics of Suboxone one would consider stopping the medicine for 24 hours, then do a week back with Vicidin or Narco to adjust the receptors AND THEN get in front of this thing and get it done in 10 days tops.

    If you ask me, Do I wish I had done that??? The answer is yes. I have suffer for 15 days 4 hours and now two minutes and its as though the devil is enjoying himself this time.

    There is no reward or medal. You don’t get a certificate or a plaque. They don’t promote you or recognize you for going through this. However, today you are reading my words and that means you are ready. Get prepared, get all set up, GET A RECLINER and some compression pants. If you just get started you wont stop or go back, the pain from this one is so overwhelming that there is no way you will stop the detox.

    God Bless You,and good luck. —-m

  • I’m on day 8 not much has changed. Except extreme pain. Head is out of it and skin is sweaty. Whoever sees this hang in there. Don’t give up. Hope I don’t. After 6 yes of subs..

  • I can’t believe that the FDA has ok’d the use of Suboxin and Methadone for drug addicts…that’s like saying “we don’t want you to be addicted to an illegal drug that we can’t regulate, but it’s fine to be addicted to a prescription drug”…it’s all about controlled addiction!! What a bunch of hypocrites!! Our government needs a complete overhaul!!

  • My wife Cynthia Harris just had spinal surgery last Monday with Dr. Pashman at Cedar Sinai. She’s been on Suboxone for over 8 years as a result of a pain killer addiction stemming from a very rough pregnancy that required her to be in intensive care the last month of her pregnancy. She’s attempted getting off Suboxone several times, but after a month or so had passed, withdrawal symptomes reemerged out of no where. We found out that Suboxone routinely works this way so she has had to resort to using it again in order to function in her daily life. She had to stop using Suboxone prior to last Monday’s spinal surgery and thought this would be a good opportunity to try getting off this drug once again. She hates the thought of needing to go back on “the drug from hell” (as she refers to it), and has been in constant detox since she stopped taking it a week prior to surgery. She is completely miserable and is pretty much just shaking in bed as the Vicodin they prescribed her for post-op pain doesn’t help with Suboxone detox. I’ve been reading about the very unique detoxing steps long term users of Suboxone require so my question is if you have a program that “specifically” deals with Suboxone detoxing? I fear she can’t abstain from going back on Suboxone for much longer with the effects she’s currently experiencing. One more thing, she can’t fly due to her recent spinal operation, so could she be checked out by a doctor here in Southern California and then with that information receive treatment from your facility with phone follow-up communication? Much Appreciation, Bob Harris

    1. I am in a very similiar situation as your wife. I have tried several times to taper, and then once to go cold turkey. The longest I lasted off of it was 19 days and 14 hrs. IT IS a drug from hell!! I have been researching medically assisted detox and I keep running into a rapid detox program called the Waismann rapid detox program that is supposed to work.. Unfortunately they do not take insurance and it is costly. I would gladly pay the money if i had it!!

  • Ok im 29 in 2days been an addict for 11very real years and on subs for 2years and my doc has stopped takin my insurance.I am a single mom of 2 girls 7 and an adopted girl who Is 10.these girls are my life.I cant just take 2months off their lives or push a pause button to detox myself.I am officially out of subs as of today day one and already faced w so many everyday tasks don’t have family to help suggestions out there for me….truly miserable and even more scared

    1. I know these questions are old, but for anyone looking to get off subs or any other addiction, Ibogaine hcl is a godsend.. The miracle cure for all.. I was on subs 12 years and oxycontin 5 years before that. Read all about iboga and found a place to order some for a cpl vundred bucks.. Its an exhausting 2-3 days but no withdrawls and once u can get to sleep, when u wake up u will feel like a teenager again, preaddicted.. Fukin amazing stuff..

    2. I’m writing in response to the mom the single mom and I am right there with you I have just a few subs left in a seven-year-old boy to take care of who is now out for summer and have no help I have no idea how I’m going to detox and be able to take care of him at the same time I’m really really scared of anybody Has any suggestions or herbal remedies I can get out like GNC I am basically broke I can’t get a job because I can’t get anything done I literally take all of my energy and use it for my son so he doesn’t have to see me suffer or look weak I don’t want to know what’s going on I am so scared any suggestions or advice would be awesome thanks

  • Worst withdrawals I’ve ever encountered. I’d advise not to stay on them for 6 years as I did. 2 week hell, comparable to having flu, stomach virus and worst leg spasms possible. Cold turkey not a good idea, relapse chance goes through the roof!

  • I should also add, Suboxone saved my life. After relapsing after treatment 5 times. Got on suboxone along with counseling type aftercare. I’ve been clean 4 years. Some say it’s just replacing addictions but I strongly disagree. Slamming oxys and heroin with no job or ambitions is a big difference from finishing college and becoming a productive member of society with the minimal effort of taking 1 pill a day.

    1. I was taking 30 to 40 norco’s a day ! almost lost my marriage of 40 years and my life. Suboxone saved my life! I have been on it for years. I take a quarter of a film a night and have no problems. I had hip replacement 6 months ago and had to wean down to nothing for the surgery and got pretty sick by the 4th day. I am back on 1/4 of a film a night and am fine Addicted but fine.

  • I’m on day 11 with no subs, I had to go to the ER 2 days ago because the pains in my stomach were so intense, and I was non stop vomiting and diarrhea, still with the diarrhea but at the moment not vomiting. I was on Suboxone for about 7 or 8 years, I haven’t felt like this even back when I use to take pain meds. When I went to the ER I specifically told them my issue and their answer was morphine. Here I am 2 days later from the ER and my legs are killing me my stomach is still killing me, I feel extremely depressed and a world of anxiety, I can’t sleep good, I don’t want to move at all… I called a local hospital this morning that specializes in chemical dependency and detoxification and they told me cuz my situation and how I stopped cold turkey they may not be able to do anything for me. The guy suggested that I just come to them and go through the ER and let a doctor evaluate me and then they would decide. That wasn’t what I was hoping to hear. I don’t know what to do anymore, the guy on the phone said I should have just weened down…… It’s not that easy when your doctor has had you on it for so long…… I had already gone from 24mg to 12mg in 7 or 8 years. I just want my effing life back, I don’t want to feel like this anymore.

  • I don’t know why my first comment wasn’t posted, it was a cry for help but in any event I’m on day 19 right now and to be honest I’m starting to feel pretty damn good. I quit cold turkey from 1 1/2 or 12mg of the film a day. I started on 24mg of the pill than to the film, I was on Suboxone for 7 or 8 years. Guys and girls I’m 36 and I can attest there is light on the other side. It sucks in the beginning but whats a few weeks compared to the rest of your life! I hid my suboxone addiction from everyone including my wife and also my employer even though everything I was doing was completely legal. I caved and told everyone my situation and decided to just stop. I don’t believe what I did was the smartest move by going cold turkey but man I’m glad I did. It’s harder for me to taper than it is to just stop. I know its not over for me yet and this journey will continue but it’s so much easier and less worrisome knowing I don’t need to come up with doc and script money and am I going to be able to make my appointment because of work… You have to be ready to do this, it isn’t easy buy let me tell you if you do you are a strong individual for making the choice and even stronger if you can follow through.. I swear to everyone it gets better, I promise you it does. I never thought it would but I was completely wrong!!!!!!


  • I have been on suboxone for approximately 5 years and recently the person I was obtaining suboxone from died and I no longer have a source for the drug. I started detoxing five days ago but I don’t seem to be getting any better. My symptoms are no energy, no appetite, and severe diarrhea. Today i was so sick of being sick I took 45 milligrams of methadone to get some relief. My question is how long does it take to withdraw from suboxone and can you die from it.

  • I have been an active user of opiates for about three months now. I was clean for two years, but upsetting news caused a relapse that lasted a while. My question is; I have not done heroin in three weeks, and had been tappering down my suboxone, and i recently stopped the suboxone. Its been 6 days and i feel horrible, im taking klonapin and alieve but its not helping. I just went and did about three .05g bags of heroin (nicks) because the rebound pain from my back injury was so horrible i had to stop it. I just want to know if this is going to increase the ever lasting suboxone withdrawal, could i have helped myself if i just do it once, to help me get through the tough part, and make it a more tolerable withdrawal. I dont know. I just need some answers.

  • I started soboxone back in February I was taking 18mgs a day after two months I started getting weaned down today I have just been lowered to 1mg a day I started this dose yesterday so far so good I had trouble coming down from 3 to 2, and had to go back to 3 for a little while, but eventually I did it. now im down to 1. like I said so far so good but today is only my second day. my nurse didn’t want me to do this she said that it takes 2 years for your brain to heal from addiction. ill be off soboxone by the time I am 1 year clean. I think that is a healthy goal.

  • Who should I call for help? I’ve been on Suboxone for 9 years and I’m about to lose my insurance. I have about ten days of medication left. I cannot afford the medicine and I’m scared. Please email me at if you can help. Thank you

  • I have been on suboxone for 9 years. I will be going through the HELL of withdrawl in June….about to enter my busy season at work and can not take a month off to be sick. I need to get into a center, why put my husband and dog through the hell with me. I think the fda is realizing that this drug is a nightmare and should never have been prescribed to anyone. I know that I will need medical supervision and help. I am trying to find a good program, there are a lot of bad ones out there….I know, I tried one two years ago…they put me on a higher dose of subutex for a week then dumped me in some random apartment complex to go through hell alone, I left when they said I could not lock the door at night. any nfo on a good place would be appreciated

  • I am on day 26-27 of suboxone withdrawal after being on it for a decade. I got down to about 1.5mg a day and had to stop due to the lack of motivation, depression, and every other side effect that is mentioned above in the article from long term use of sub. This is a very long withdrawal but it’s doable with the right support. As for the horrible withdrawal that should go away after 10-15 days but what lingers is the chills, insomnia, fatigue, diarrhea and sense of smell is ridiculous. Also depression and anxiety may come into play esp with post withdrawal. I say may come into play because everyone is different and I feel when I was on the suboxone I was way more depressed than I am now. Just know that this is something that takes time and it WILL go away. Around day 15 I went to my sub dr because I was still having really bad withdrawals and they wanted me to get back on it and go through this all over again. I had the script in hand and never filled it bc I knew I would hate myself if I looked back and had to go through this all over again. My point is if you decide that you want to be completely sober and not have to worry about being a lab rat and urine toxes and Drs and pharmacists looking down on you like I had to do then stick with it. Don’t look back no matter what. Your brain may play tricks on you but don’t let it. Just keep telling yourself it will eventually pass. Drink pediatlite take immodium and try and relax your muscles with baths. If you have a job then request about a month off and if they won’t let you then find another job that’s worth your time. Your health is more important than anything no matter what. I’m not a doctor so I’m only speaking from my experience. You truly can do anything if you put your mind to it!! Good luck everyone !

  • I’ve posted here before and I’m not sure why but my posts never made it to the site. Anyway I just wanted to let everyone know that this is possible coming off of subs. Today I’m on day 60 exact and I feel great. Still lack a little bit of energy when I’m done with work but other than that I feel amazing! I came off of cold turkey 16mg a day. So I would take a sub film before work and another after work. The first 2 weeks was indeed terrible and that’s the breaking point. If you can pull past 2 weeks clean it definitely begins to get better after that. You might think it sucks but in reality it doesn’t because you’ve begun sober living. I was on Suboxone for 8 years and started at 24mg a day. I did it cold turkey, I’m 36 years old also by the way. I DO NOT recommend cold turkey, I’m just sharing with you all that if you are ready to call it quits and living a clean life do it. But you have to be ready, be prepared for a crappy handful of days… But I promise, I swear, it really really does get better. Oh and just to cover all bases since post Suboxone after the cramps, insomnia, bathroom visits, leg spasms, restless legs, pass to me the depression is what really kicks your butt. You feel like you just want to cry for no apparent reason. I encourage you to seek mental health! Addiction is a mental disease the way it causes you to think, act, and cope with things while using. Those need to be broken. I started Welbutrin rapid release a month ago and it takes a while for depression meds to kick in and its working for me now. Everyone is different and may require trying different depression meds to find what’s right for you. This is my first time on depression meds and I sincerely feel like I beat this. I’m 60 days clean today guys and girls lol!!!!!! I should have documented it all on YouTube or something lol.. I legit feel great and this is coming from a long term user who came off of a high dose (again not recommended to do) but I am living proof! Anyone wants to talk feel free to email me! paullielaino@gmail

  • I am on day 6 and it’s 6:46 am and I hate this. I was on suboxone for 7 years after 5 years of oxy. I hate soo many things about this but the worst is the fact I can’t sleep. I may have slept 8 hrs in past week and I am not Exaggerating! This is horrible! I’m soo dead so tired so out of my mind and just lay and toss and turn. I am prescribed xanex and took 4 of them and 3 Tylenol pm and still can’t sleep. I am afraid I will loose my mind or overdose on something else trying to knock myself out. Sub isn’t a option but this misery is not either

  • I too have been on suboxone for7years. I decided last week that I was done. I am on day3 and I feel somewhat ok. I am expecting it to get much much worse. I have been cutting down for months now and last week I decided to forgo my Dr appointment for my refill. I am afraid I made too big of a step but if not now, when?

  • Sitting in the doctors exam room waiting. On subs for about a year. Glad to be off the Oxys but I’m bipolar and when I attempt to wean off the subs I start having very scary thoughts. I’m scared as hell.

    The insurance company is starting to play the prior auth game and I’m afraid to think what I would do if I have to go off cold.

    How the hell do I get out of this mess?

  • I wasn’t taking that many Lortabs anyway but thought a sub clinic was a good way out. Started me at 16mg per day and hooked me good. Now they doubled the cost to $600/month not including the meds. Just legal pushers. I asked them if they ever knew of anyone who quit successfully and no one could answer they had. After 2 years going, I walked away and I didn’t make another appointment. This is my last month’s script and I start tapering today. I have a pretty good idea what I’m going to go through, but it starts today.

  • My daughter’s mother is addicted to suboxins, I’ve tried to wein her off but nothing will help, think it is all mental, I was a additional and used suboxins to get off opiates and slowly weined off, but have slipped back into opiates due to back pain and energy..
    I have custody of my daughter and work 50-60 hours a week, can’t believeI put myself back in this position, if anyone has any advice on natural way to detox and still be able to work and take care of daughter please help.
    And pray for me and my ex..
    Thank you..

    1. Cole,

      Please check the email you provided when leaving this comment or give us a call at 1-855-960-5456 for assistance.

  • Im 63- on a small dose about 1/6 strip pr day of the Subox 8mg. .Its been almost 3 yrs.My Dr friend .orig.suggested it for depression & it worked,but now I’m locked in a self limitiing world of artificial feel good! Dr now wants me to find other source but I’m seriously considering going through the gauntlet of rehab! Im looking for help to increase my chances of Victory over addiction !Can you help me

    1. Joe,

      Please check the email you provided when leaving this comment or give us a call at 1-855-960-5456 so that we can assist you privately.

  • Iv been on subs for about 9 yrs now. I want to b done with them ….I am in the middle of a break up was in relationship for 17 yrs 2 kids I’m so depressed and feel like it is happening all because of the subs.. Just want advise on wear to start.. And have no inchurance rite now … Please help me I can’t deal with life rite now and really need help ……

    1. Matt,

      Without insurance it may be hard to find a treatment center in your area that will help you. However, there are free alternatives. Start by doing a little bit of research and see if there is a free clinic, hospital detox center, etc. near you.

  • I read all the posts about detoxing off subs.You guys should try detoxing in jail off methadone.Stop bitching.I take a sub detox over that any day.This is how I did it.Was on an 8 in morning and an 8 at night.16 total. I first stopped the 8mg at night and instead took 3 walsup all natural sleep-aid. Took the 3 at 730 and next thing I knew I was awake at 6 am .Felt a little off and took a 8mg. Did that for 5 days strait and felt good.After the 5 days of adjusting to the 8 mg a day I cut that in half to Did a 4 day run like that.Then went to a 2mg 5 day run. at the end of that went cold and my body handled it well. I didn’t feel any pain but did feel a little slow but what I found out was stay busy and just keep changing your thoughts.You mid plays tricks on you and if you keep pressing forward the next thing you know its done.I’m off and feel normal.My only regret is ever trying the subs.These things made me think unclear.I actually thought I was going to hit the lottery.The big one lst year for 1.4 billion.When I didn’t hit it I would tell myself I was going to hit the next smaller ones.I also borrowed money from alot of people and I never borrow money from people or friends.Evrytime I took a sub I would get this adreneline like everything would be okay.I hate the sub shit and glad I have my brain back.Get off now. And don’t bitch its the easiest withdraw I ever did and I have done them all. Good luck!

  • I’ got the flu onsaturday and figured since I already felt like death that I’d kick subutex.

    It’s day 4 and I can barely move. So weak. No appetite. My poor child and wife deserve a better person than me.

    Maybe I’ll die and they can have a better life without a loser like me ruining everything.

    1. DC,

      Day 4 is better than not starting to kick bad habits at all. It shows effort. In order to stay sober and be successful in recovery, we suggest that you seek medical treatment. If you’d like to talk to someone about it, you can give us a call at 1-855-960-5456. And remember, your life is just as important as anyone else’s. Push through the tough times. If you’re having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Helpline at 1-800-273-8255.

      1. Please seek professional help. Even though you are having this problem, you are still a worthy person–husband and father. I heard the hopelessness in your comment and can relate, BUT feelings are just passing emotions not FACTS. The fact is your intentions are pure and no one else can be you, but you! Hang in there Brother 😇✅

  • I was on 8mg for a year. I had back surgery (SES, Spinal Electric Stimulation inplants) and it worked and I no longer needed it for pain. I tapered off but probably too fast, I’m talking down to quarter doses and my last dose, after being so unbelievably sick, I took 1/8 of a dose a week ago and I was okay for like 2 days before it all started up again.

    The problem is I already have severe problems with both anxiety and depression and this made it FAR worse. I may have to check into somewhere if it gets any worse, been almost a week and i’m not sure if I can hold off for another. If it lasts for a month after that then yeah I’m going to have to seek professional help before I hurt myself.

    If any medical professionals have any advice aside from checking into rehab, please say so.

    1. Juan,

      There is no quick fix or miracle cure for addiction, if you want to detox from suboxone and no longer be reliant on a drug than we recommend detox and treatment. If you’d like to talk about the matter further, please give us a call – we’d love to talk to you and see how we can help. 1-855-960-5456

  • I’ve been in subs for about 2yrs . I just can’t taper down for the life of me ! I’ve been asking certain places if they do sub detox . I did rapid one A few years back and it took a good month to feel somewhat OK .I was 42 At time and on probably 6-8 mg a day .it was not pleasant but do able. anyhow I’m still looking into detoxes etc .really depends on what insurances you have . Or I might just say f”’ it and quit on my own .I want to win over this evil addiction and beat it down.i cant kill it but i can arrest it . I want my life back .!good luck to everybody and God bless

  • Have been on suboxone for the last two-and-a-half years and cannot seem to taper down .I’ve been looking into detox but not many places detox people off of sub . Three years ago I did rapid detox under anesthesia. pretty sick for about a month afterwards not pleasant but do able .I may just bite the bullet and quit ! I want my life back and win over this f$”-*ng addiction. good luck and God bless everybody

  • Last summer I used to take subs to get high with my husband. It was never my intention to develop an addiction to this. My husband and I have tried multiple times over the past few months to withdrawal but after about the second day, we end up going back to the person we get them from. It’s just so hard to deal with work and a one year while being in so much pain and so irritable. But about a month ago, I was betrayed by someone who I thought loved me and had my daughter taken from me due to using the subs. And in court, my husband and I failed for them. The judge said since we don’t have a prescription, it’s illegal and we’re incapable of raising our daughter. My husband suggested that I go to a clinic but honestly, I just want to get off them and never look back. I’m scared for the obvious reasons and I don’t really have a good support system. Can someone give me suggestions please. I feel like I’m stuck..

  • I went to a detox last week where all they did was give me more Suboxone to detox off Suboxone. Most foolish bs ever. But now I’m home and feel like I have the flu and depression is beginning to set it. Not sure how I’m doing this but I think it’s mostly because I’m afraid of being on this horrible crap anymore. If anyone reads this that knows of someone contemplating taking it STOP them. This drug is just evil.

  • my fiance was on percocet and i urged her to go to a doctor to get off of them,,she was prescribed suboxen and has been on them for 7 years,,she is desperate to get off of them,,she has no insurance and now buys them off the street,,,she needs to stop this and we have run into so many brick walls with trying to get her into a place to detox from suboxen,,no one seems to detox people from this crap,,,can she be detoxed from them in a medical surrounding in a 5 or 6 day program?

  • I have been on subs one year and taking 2 8s a day I have around 45 8mg strips left I want to do a rapid step down does anybody have any feedback I want to do this fast and just face the music any suggestions.

  • Hi I was on subboxone for4 and a half years.At first I felt good taking it.That lasted about a year.I was taking 2 of the 8 mgs daily.It never gave me a high if i took extra.I was taking it for my back.I was previously taking Vicodin.And. I saw my self wanting to take maybe a little more than I should.So I heard about subboxone.I found a doctor in my area who prescribed the medication and that’s how it all begin.My husband lost his job and our insurance.this was back in oct. 2015.I first felt the symptoms of withdrawal around 3 days after stopping. The medication.It was a horrifying experience.I went through severe anxiety and fear and dementia.My mind would race and I could not control it.I did not sleep or eat for weeks.I didn’t want to be alone my mucels. Contstantly hurt.I could not lay still at night I would move my legs up and down in the air.I would move my neck back and forth.I would take 10 baths a day.I would get hot than cold than clamped.I was a total wreck.This drug took 4 months for me to somewhat feel normal I lost 45 pounds.That stuff slows everything down in your body and can make a lot of people Hain weight.I have withdrawn from benzos before it was bad but after about 9 days I was totally back to normal.Vicodin never did that to me.I couldnt get out of bed I would just lay there with eyes open all night I couldnt cook or clean.I thought that i would never feel the same.That drug should only be prescribed for one month in a low mlgm once a year.I really think the DEA should. Inforce that if i wasn’t a strong person who believes in God and pray.I would have probably took my own life.I just want to warn anyone who is planning on making a decision about this awful medication to really find a good doctor that will only have you on it in a 2mlgm a day for 30 days of you really need it.

  • I’ve been on n off subs for the past 4 n a half yrs. I went to jail n came off them for 4 months. Got out last Aug. N got back on them. My probation is now testing for them n said I gotta get weened off. I’m really scared. I don’t wanna go thru withrawala. I’ll end up relapsing n really don’t wanna do that. Cuz I’m in a program for probation n I’ll just get locked back up if I relapse. I don’t wanna come off the subs but I have no choice or else they’ll lock me up. I just wanna know if I go to my Dr n have them help me ween off will I have less withdrawals? N what can I take for the withdrawals?

  • Suboxone withdrawl is easy if done properly. Start slow and work down about a 1/4 strip every 2 weeks. I got off it after being on it for 8 years. No side effects or withdrawl symptoms. Some of you are either still using or not sticking with your withdrawl program. Toughen up.

  • I’ve been on suboxone for a year now. I’ve followed the program my doctor set forth but unfortunately last week I missed my appointment due to personal matters. I thought I could just quit but after three days I’m miserable. I don’t know what to do. I’m so conflicted right now.

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