National Recovery Month: What Palm Beach Institute Has in Store

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September is National Recovery Month, which means the Palm Beach Institute definitely has something up its sleeve for readers to enjoy.

Some of the main goals of National Recovery Month is to motivate those afflicted with addiction and their loved ones to seek treatment and guidance. By spreading awareness on substance abuse, the Palm Beach Institute hopes to encourage its readers to research treatment methods and begin the process of bettering their lives.

So for September, the Palm Beach Institute would like to shed light on a drug that is still prevalent and at large today: cocaine.

Read “Cocaine: When the Party Drug Goes to Work” this month, and learn how cocaine abuse has shaped itself over the past few decades.

Featured Series: Sex, Drugs, and Ozzy

In honor of National Recovery Month, the Palm Beach Institute will also be presenting a weekly, four-part series on Ozzy Osbourne and how he’s inspired a dialogue on drug and sex addiction in older communities.

People in the 65+ crowd can often be overlooked when it comes to discussion about addiction and recovery, but many of the issues that affect young people struggling with substance abuse and sex addictions also—believe or not—affect older generations as well.

In Sex, Drugs, and Ozzy, each segment will feature a new look into how older people are affected by addiction, paralleled by Ozzy Osbourne’s living proof that recovery is a lifelong process and may start much later than planned.

PART 1 – “Sex, Drugs, and Ozzy: Older Adults Are Struggling with Addiction

PART 2 – “Sex, Drugs, and Ozzy: Age Won’t Slow Down Senior Drinking

PART 3 – “Sex, Drugs, and Ozzy: Opiate Abuse Up Among Baby Boomers

PART 4 – “Sex, Drugs, and Ozzy: Intimacy in the Golden Years Still a Risky Affair

National Recovery Month: Inspiring Wellness

A Special Campaign Brought to You by Delphi Behavioral Health Group

National Recovery MonthThe Palm Beach Institute is part of six participating treatment facilities under Delphi Behavioral Health Group that will be presenting all sorts of article series and featured stories on addiction and recovery!

Throughout NationalRecovery Month, Delphi and its associated facilities will be posting several article series and featured stories on various addiction and recovery topics. Whether it’s updated analysis on how certain drugs are affecting certain demographics or learning about different types of treatment methods, our National Recovery Month campaign will cover a whole variety of topics that aims to educate and inspire our readers to pursue their own wellness.

Make sure to check back to this post throughout September for updated links to our articles.

We’ve also got some hidden surprises scheduled, so keep a look-out for all of our content this September!



Learn About the “Inspiring Wellness” Scholarship!

Delphi Behavioral Health Group will be giving someone battling drug and/or alcohol addiction an unbelievable opportunity to receive the treatment they need to turn their lives around.

The “Inspiring Wellness” Scholarship will be awarded to one person, who will then be able to go through addiction treatment at one of our participating facilities, free of charge.

Contestants may submit an essay on Delphi’s website, where one (1) winner will be chosen to receive a 90-day treatment prize, all costs covered. National Recovery Month is a time to give resources to those wanting to change their lifestyle, and what better resource than a scholarship for treatment?

For more details about how to enter, read about the “Inspiring Wellness” scholarship here.

Check back to this post for more exciting articles from Palm Beach Institute and more!

The Palm Beach Institute is eager to teach and provide readers with all sorts of information on recovery—not just for National Recovery Month, but for every month. Our call agents are available 24-7, ready to answer your questions on addiction and recovery. If you, or a loved one, are suffering from addiction, the time to change is now. Call (844) 318-0071 today.

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