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It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to realize their teen or preteen is abusing substances. Whether the teen’s substance of abuse is alcohol or cocaine, the causes for concern are numerous and range from the effect that substance abuse can have on academic performance and his or her future to the risk that substance abuse can pose to his or her health and life. Unfortunately, internet access has made it easier for teens to find more effective ways to conceal their indiscretions, but there are still a number of ways that parents can keep an eye peeled for potentially lethal behaviors. As such, a reliable indicator of teen substance abuse is having certain drug paraphernalia among his or her possessions.

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What Exactly is Drug Paraphernalia?

Since it’s becoming increasingly difficult to detect substance abuse by observing adolescents’ behaviors alone, it’s important for parents to be aware of the variety of material evidence that is indicative of a drug problem. Drug paraphernalia is the term used to refer to a variety of materials that pertain to the use and abuse of various illicit substances. There are several different types of items that are considered to be drug paraphernalia, including baggies or any sort of container that’s used to store and transport illicit substances, a variety of tools that can be used to prepare a drug for consumption, tools that are required in order to do or take a substance, and so on. However, while there might be much variety in the drug paraphernalia that exists, there are certain items that are especially common and can reliably be interpreted as indicative of substance abuse.

Pipes, Bowls & Bongs

drug paraphernalia bongs

Most would consider pipes and bowls to be the most common type of drug paraphernalia by a pretty significant margin. Although one might see such an item and associate it with smoking tobacco, they’re also a staple item for the smoking of marijuana. However, other drugs can be imbibed by using a pipe as well, including hash, cocaine and crack cocaine, and heroin. Moreover, there’s much variation in the pipes that can be used to do drugs; they come in many different sizes, a variety of shapes, and there are even special pipes that have chambers to hold water — called “bongs” or water pipes — that’s mean to make drugs easier to smoke. This is why it can be difficult to tell the difference between what a crack pipe looks like versus a weed pipe. Not only is this type of drug paraphernalia a pretty telling sign of the use of certain drugs, but the process of smoking drugs usually produces a pretty unusual odor and telling smoke.


drug paraphernalia scales

When an adolescent or teen is in possession of portable scales, it’s very likely that he or she is engaging in recreational substance abuse. Virtually any street drug is weighed before being sold to a substance user; both the individual selling the drug and the one buying it would want to ensure that he or she is not selling/buying more/less than is deserved. Digital scales are usually about the size of a smartphone and, in fact, might even be designed to purposely resemble a cell phone as a means of camouflage. Alternately, there are so-called “hand scales” that consists of a metal contraption that one holds by hand in order to take a manual reading from its gauge.


drug paraphernalia bags

The small, sandwich-sized baggies found in any grocery store are commonly used as a container for various illicit drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, prescription painkillers, and many other substances. They’re inexpensive, readily available, and they’re intended to be discreet; however, adolescents and teens who are frequently found to have empty baggies in their pockets or bags will likely have been using them as a disposable container for some mind-altering substance. It’s also common for individuals to condense a substance into the corner of a baggie, secure it with a knot, and tear that knotted corner off the rest of the baggie, which can be discarded and concealed easier than a whole sandwich baggie. Alternately, it’s become common for drug dealers to purchase exceptionally small baggies for the express purpose of selling dose-sized quantities in appropriately-sized yet secure baggies.


drug paraphernalia foil

For most substances, there’s more than one route of administration. In particular, cocaine can either be insufflated or snorted through the nose, when it’s in powdered form. Alternately, there’s a freebase form of cocaine, which requires the drug to be solid so that it can be placed on a piece of foil with heat being applied from the underside of the foil. As the cocaine begins to smoke, the user puts their face near to the foil and inhales. Therefore, users who freebase illicit drugs will often have napkin-sized pieces of aluminum foil in their possession; more often than not, the foil will be charred from the flame of a lighter.

Cards, Straws & Mirrors

drug paraphernalia cards

When someone is taking drugs that either come in a powdered form or can be reduced to powdered form, they’ll often need to carry certain tools that will ensure they’re able to imbibe drugs when they obtain them. For powdered substances, this typically entails credit cards, gift cards, or other types of cards that are used to crush or chop drugs; mirrors or other reflective surfaces on which the drugs can be prepared for consumption, and straws that are used to inhale the drug through the nostrils. Oftentimes these items will have a powdery residue on them.

Syringes & Burnt Spoons

drug paraphernalia syringe

Intravenous drug use is arguably the most dangerous routes of administration as it makes individuals more vulnerable to blood-borne illnesses that can be contracted from other users. Those who take drugs intravenously will need two tools that are essential to intravenous administration: hypodermic syringes and spoons. The latter serves the purpose of providing a contained surface on which an individual can prepare a drug solution consisting of the illicit substance and water, which is loaded into the syringe and injected into the bloodstream. In most cases, the underside of a user’s spoon will be charred from repeated exposure to the flame of his or her lighter as applying heat to a drug solution is frequently part of the preparation process. Some of the more common intravenous drugs include heroin, DMT, and crystal meth.

Belts & Laces

drug paraphernalia belt

After preparing a drug for intravenous administration, a user will need some way to create a tourniquet for the location at which they intend to inject the drug, which is usually an arm but can also be done in countless other places across the body. Since most individuals won’t have actual tourniquets, they’ll use things that are accessible and convenient, including shoelaces and belts. As such, intravenous drug users will frequently have long laces or belts in their possession or even on their person that may be knotted in many places and never seem to be used for their intended purposes.

Glass Tubes & Steel Wool

drug paraphernalia pipe

Users of crack cocaine and crystal meth require certain supplies in order to smoke their drugs. The most common tools for smoking such drugs are small glass tubes and steel wool. Many convenience stores sell miniaturized fake roses in pencil-sized glass tubes, which are one of the most common solutions for smoking drugs and also happens to be inexpensive and readily available. Additionally, users will require a small, marble-sized piece of steel wool to stuff into one end of the glass tube. Oftentimes a tube used for such purposes will have white residue along its inside and lots of black char on the end holding the steel wool.

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  • Hello I’ve never been on this site or any others but I have a serious question. I think my mother has been using some sort of drug. I found a metal tube with copper colored chor boy like something you would scrub something with like its metal but several strips all In one ball but it was shoved into the tube. Is it heroin or what. I NEED THE ANSWER ASAP. thanks

  • Ok… so about the foil in the article. If you find foil with black track marks on it, small cut straws, and the person is not sleeping, lost a ton of weight, one minute completely exhausted, the next crawling of of their skin and very twitchy… what in the world are they smoking? I am asking because I am very concerned about a family member and it’s killing our family. This person admitted to supposedly being addicted to pain pills, but I have this gut feeling it is something else. Please, any info would be super helpful. Thank you.

      1. probably smoking oxy the protected ones. i believe you can smoke any pill and the users do get a burst of energy after doing so.

  • funny. I found a rose on the floor but didnt think anything of it until i read this. i found the pens stashed away. And really want to get help for him! The clues are there!

  • My question is the same as #1 but it’s my friend whom I caught with the same item. I want to know what is this used for?

  • I found a glass cylinder type on my side is very small and has a handle on it has residual tar like substance on the sides..what is it

  • This is something every parent should read through. It’s hard enough to recognize addiction when it’s someone you love, let alone when you don’t know the common methods of obtaining and using drugs. It’s a hard reality to face, but it’s the first step to getting help fro them.

  • What if you find a board and knife as if the person is cutting up something? There is a black residue on it. Also found a grinder.

  • The stuff i know used for smoking,snorting,or shooting pills are a pill grinder,spoons/ metal caps from bottles,straws, toilet paper/paper towel tubes,foil/glass tubes with or without bowls at at one end,glass/mirrors,razor blades/credit cards,water bottles/cups or glasses with water sitting around,lemon/vinegar,lighters/candles,baking soda,small metal objects like screw drives/clothes hanger, syringes/caps or other objects that would belong to a syring,cotton balls/qtips/cigarette filers,copper looking brillo types shavins,sissors,band aids,alchol,also a bit of advice look for straws that are not only cut but at least 1/4 of the straw bent and the smaller end completely smashed and rumpled lookind:reason is because pills are put in straws and then bent so the user can use there teeth to grind up the pill in the straw and the they simply place it into and sniff. Its a quick and less easier way to snort pills without leaving excess paraphernalia laying around. Kids can be very inventive and sometimes when they abuse drugs there minds work in hyper drive, almost get creative to come up with more slick ways to take,concoctions to make, and things to use in getting drugs in quicker,more discretely,and with the best of highs that can cause possible overdose and even death. I was a drug abuser for over 20 years i started at 14 and im now 43 yrs old and sober 9 almost 10 rs now. There is almost no drug i havent used or abused or seen made or used some of the most creative ways ever and the internet is the biggest tool of all that satan uses to get information on how to use,get ingredients,buy drugs,and every other thing you can even begin to imagine. So as a mother of teenagers now i want help parents watch out for the signs so they can help there children before its too late. Any questions on anything just respond with to this post. Good luck and God bless you amazing parents 🙂

    1. My girlfriend and I was thinking something was going on with her son who just turn 25 and is staying with us.he been busted by us by my security cam in out of my house stealing my new pressure washer I told him that it will be back in to days out I’ll give footage to the police and file charges so he returned it.we ask him if he owed any body money for drugs.he said no I think it was a my girlfriend when in his room and found tinfoil with black residue but no smell razers short straws pen torn apart litters plastic bags with nots this is the second time we found it.the first time he said that he wasn’t doing anything ask him to exsplan where it can from.we are taking everything to local police to see if they can tell us what it is then confront him what do you think.thanks you concern parents

  • I found some pipes with my teen age son and confronted him. he stated that he wont do marijuana again but i am not confident. i was watching for all the stuff that you mentioned here but haven’t seen anything, however he always sounded like he has a runny nose and makes that sound of inhaling and he said he has allergy but am sure he is not. he also starts to go outside in the back yard a lot. and i noticed that he has some discoloration in his arms. I am afraid that he is inhaling something . please let me know how can i track him and what to watch for.

  • What would be the use of lots of cigarette filters scattered around the place? I know alcohol and tailor made cigarettes are being consumed, cannot see any spoons syringes etc that would go with the use of cigarette filters. I only go into my daughters room once a week when its rubbish night. No rolling tobacco or weed but lots of filters everywhere why??

    1. Well from personal experience, I used the cotton from my cigarette filters, when I am drawing up a shot of heroin with a hypodermic string. You need cotton from cig filters, cotton balls, q-tips to help filter out any clumps or pieces that didn’t melt down during cooking process(also know as CUT).

  • I found a straw cut short that looks to have been melted somewhat and has some kind of residue in it that smells sorta sweet. I found another straw cut the same in my boyfriends wallet with the same smell but this one was not melted. I confronted him about it but he told me it was something he used when working on my car, I don’t buy it. I would like to have the straws sent off somewhere to have tested for anything and everything, drugs or otherwise. I need peace of mind and if it is some kind of drug I need to get him out of my home but I need to be absolute certain. He also blew through $3500 in two and a half weeks, was vomiting, had diharrea, and started becoming depressed. Since he’s been out of money the last couple of weeks he hasn’t been vomiting, diharrea, and he’s starting to come out of his depression funk. I know all the signs are there of drug abuse but I need to know what kind and I need to be certain. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • I know that my boyfriend has been smoking heroin but I now have suspicions of him injecting it. I have found cutips lying around in weird places and am wondering if that could be used to inject ?

  • I found two of these… A bendable thick plastic tube with a bag over the completely open end and tied tight onto the tube with string. The end of the tube comming out of the bag has smaller holes unlike the end in the bag which is just open. Anything?

    1. it sounds like they’re vaping marijuana and sucking the vapor with thc in it out of bag with th straw

  • When a loved one is doing drugs n we are clueless its so hard bcuz we dont know what we are looking at or looking for. When my son is doing heroin (black) he gets a runny nose. It started with him doing pain pills, then smoking them (found broken pens, foil) then he started smoking H, then shooting it up. If u find any lods burnt, or tin, spoons, he can use just about anything to melt it down. Small pieces of cotton. I knoticed that later he started smoking crack. The harroine only gets him well now but the crack is to get high. So sad but iys the hard truth.

  • Hi, can someone help me please? I found a medium size bong and I know this are use for marijuana and other drugs. can someone tell if it has liquid what type of drug was this used for???? please help

  • I keep finding bottles of water inside of containers of water and the bottoms of plastic bottles cut out. What is going on????

    1. they’re doing whats called buckets. just another way to smoke cannabis without having to buy a pipe or bong

  • Is there a drug that you would slice? I found a Costco card that looks like slices were fine on it and it bent along with a pocket knife. My husband has been acting strange and angry. He stays awake all night with his new hobby of thinking he’s going to become a rap star and then will sleep all day. He’s quit working and cares about nothing but himself. All of these things are total opposites if the guy he was a few months ago.

  • Hi I found small baggies like the size a extra button for a shirt would be in. I also found a roll of aluminum foil in his drawer… The baggies have no smell or any residue in them… Any ideas??

  • I keep finding bleach pens and alergy pills and a lighter in my daughters room. Shes been through rehan before. Am i wrong to assume se is misusing these items? She isnt smoking

    1. Cathy,

      It is possible that your daughter could be abusing these items; however, don’t assume anything. If she hasn’t shown signs of using again then it’s likely that these are just random items. You would need to make that judgement and determine if she needs to be readmitted into treatment. If you need assistance, give us a call at 1-855-960-5456

  • —> Laura (comment #23). I am currently taking a Forensic Pathology course for death investigations (coroner), and after seeing some of the things people have rigged for huffing, this sounds like something that was made so the tube can be attached to an aerosol can of some sort, then sniff the fumes out through the small holes, possibly.

  • Oops, just re-read your comment, Laura. The straw probably is for attaching to an aerosol, but the open end of the bag would be held against the nose/mouth. My instructor has shown all kinds of photos with strange get-ups similar to this. They are used so none of the fumes are wasted, but the rest of the undesired ingredients are ingested. Some of the people in photos had actual gas masks like used in chemical warfare, but were modified to be able to attach them to giant plastic bags where fix-a-flat and similar other propellants are being used.

    1. Toni,

      Straws and pens, along with various other tools can be used to snort and or smoke various substances.

  • Same as 23 pretty much… small plastic bottle with baggie duct taped on with hole in top… pink something inside, sweet smell???

  • What if your York the son and your mom’s using then what she an adult and we have no family who can help if no family

    1. Raymond,

      If you suspect your mother is using, you can give us a call at 1-855-960-5456 and talk to one of our staff members who will talk you through everything and assist you.

  • What are plastic cut straws that have a strange burnt odor. I opened it up and some light brown residue. Won’t Mcdonalds straws melt? I think my daughter is using again. 🙁

    1. Claire,

      Cut plastic straws can be used to snort and or smoke a variety of substances. If you suspect your daughter is using again, call our center and let one of our staff members walk you through the next steps. 1-855-960-5456

  • In my 21 year old sons room, I found several pieces of foil crunched. In a small baggie I found a little piece of foil with a gummy worm inside it. Along with the foil, there are a pack of gummy worms and an empty wrapper. I also found a razor blade and several lighters. I know he smokes pot against my wishes. Any idea what’s up with the gummy worms?

    1. Might just be a case of the munchies and they were left over from whatever he ate. I can’t imagine it would be anything else. Have you talked to your son about his drug use?

  • ok my girl is doing something i cant figure it out! i find alot of origami folded paper towels ,napkins, a playing card, foil and some other things. the paper products looks like it may be fitted over the nose for inhaling possibly? ive been looking for weeks and cant find anything about it! also ive noticed burn marks on her lip and when she does this particular thing her voice gets raspy,pupils are huge, glazedblood shot eyes, and she is rather mello easy going (normally very hyper) please help! desperate bf

    1. Johnny,

      If you suspect that your girlfriend is using, you can call our center for assistance. One of our staff members will be able to walk you through the steps of what you need to do. 1-855-960-5456

    1. Rhonda,

      Please check the email you provided when leaving this comment so that we can address this issue privately. If this is a serious case, please don’t hesitate to call our center. In the case of an emergency, always call 911.

  • I found a glass pipe in my son’s room. It is in 3 pieces but my husband says he’s not sure they are a set because we couldn’t figure out how they go together, if they do. One piece looks like a small glass pipe with a slanted bowl on the end where you obviously put something. The other piece looks like a fat, stubby hourglass. The last piece is a cylinder of about an inch in length. It’s not open on either end but one end is flat and looks like it’s used to either pack or crush something. We have caught him with pot once before but I’m afraid it’s something more serious. The reason I say this is that pot usually has an odor even if it’s old residue. There is residue like black marks in the pipe and other residue marks but there is no ash or “crumbs” (for the lack of knowledge about what it is referred to) and there is no odor. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!

    1. GM,

      It’s important that you’re talking to your son about the effects of drugs and the risk that “just smoking pot” may lead to heavier substances. Information and an open relationship is key when handling teen and young adult drug use. Remember, micromanagement, scrutinization, and punishment will only drive him to rebel further.

  • I found a length of copper pipe 10cm long, what could that be used for? I know he smokes pot but am worried this is something heavier

    1. Greg, please check the email you provided when leaving this comment. We’d like to talk to you privately about this issue. Thanks!

  • My boyfriend goes from nice to screaming, violent mad in seconds. His pupils are usually tiny like pins but sometimes large. He either doesn’t sleep for days or sleeps for a week straight. When he’s in the sleeping phase he says he’s “sick” and gets pale, sweaty, feverish and craves sweets and chocolate milk. I’ve found bent straws that are burned and once a baggy with strong smelling white powder. He claims it was Adderal. He has become much worse and unpredictable lately. Does this sound like Meth or even Heroin? Please help.

  • My son, 25 — I know is smoking pot! We’ve told him to stop. Thought he had stopped. I come home today, walked in the front door and could smell something … Strong! Went to the kitchen to put my things down and the smell got stronger. In the pantry — in the trash can it smelled like burnt something. I first thought it was burnt coffee. Dug around in the trash and found: two undone wire coat hangers, both were burnt and black on the ends and stunk! A … Plastic SOLO drinking cup that looked like it had burnt dark brown / black coffee grounds in it — but it WASN’T coffee! Paper towels they were yuk and stinky with the coffee ground residue but again not coffee! Paper that was 6 X 9 like parchment paper … That smelled yuk but nothing on it. I then went upstairs and looked around and found the black looking stuff on the floor! Along with a roll of paper towels. I picked up a piece of burnt stinky black substance off the floor …. About the size of a raisin! I found an exacto knife in a closet on the shelf yesterday…. Never seen it before. I find …. Wet towels in the hamper when I come home from being out of town! His socks and sock drawer … Smell like pot! I find his window unlocked every couple of days. He takes long showers…. And stuffs towels under the doors! In the past I have found Qtips, lighters, broken light bulbs…. In his drawers. It’s just the two of us here. So… I know it’s him! He works, makes good money, pays his bills, he’s a good kid! He’s moving into his own place soon. Our house is for sale. I’m worried…. I asked him tonight about the things I found in the trash, smell, etc…. Gave me an excuse that he was … Unclogging his bathroom sink! Which…. Is less than two months old. New sink, counter, plumbing, etc. I told him he needs to come clean — that I’d be finding out tomorrow what the heck he’s … Doing! What is the black stinky charred looking thing??? Help … Answers…. Please! Thx.

  • I’m familiar with the skinny cap thing that covers a needle but occasionally I find a fatter orange plastic cap. What would that be for?

  • My son has done drugs in the past. Weed and painkillers. While straightening his room, I found tons of unrolled scotch tape tucked away in various places. Is there a drug that uses scotch tape? I also found an open paper clip, knife, and hollow pen. Any thoughts? He often has a glass of water sitting around as well.

  • Just had my niece for a visit but got rid of her tonight after I found a pipe under the bed. It was clear with a burnt end and residue in it. Smelt weird but not of marijuana. She was always wanting Q-tips. What are those for?

  • I found a plastic bottle wrapped with black electrical tape as well as a bic lighter wrapped with black electrical tape. What are these being used for?

  • Found empty aluminum foil box , q tips , plastic bottle caps and beer bottle caps . Glass pot pipes some broken ones .Sandwich bags , some with pot in ball shapes .We once found a burnt spoon with hard dark residue inside . Zippo lighters and fluid . I found pieces of toilet paper in a jar that had a terrible smell and seemed oily unfortunately I threw it away I should have had it tested by someone .plastic and cardboard cards like credit cards and playing cards .Small pieces of toilet paper with small traces of brown residue .We know he smokes pot and probably hash but I fear it may be worse .He spends a lot of time in the bathroom with the fan on .I found a bunch of erasers but they may be unrelated because he was just in college .Also very small screwdrivers with dark residue on tip . He has always had significant allergies from young but he seems to sniff way too much sometimes . I,d like to know what we,re dealing with here .

  • In response to 56. ,
    I believe your niece was smoking crystal meth, if the pipe has a bulbed end. The qtips are to clean the residue from the pipe.

    I am searching for the answer to number 55. as well. So clueless on this matter and I knowledgable of most all drug paraphernalia.

  • 1. Crack
    4 sounds like meth
    13 hash or maybe back tar H
    14 if bottom of bottle is open then it sounds like gravity bong hits of mj. If bottle is not cut at the bottom and there’s some kind of tube or hole then crack or meth.
    18 crack
    20 gravity bong MJ
    22 qtips and cigarette filters are used as filter to inject drugs
    26 see #20
    37 huffing
    42 if the gummy worm was in foil its not a harmless case of the munchies lol. It is most likely dosed with a psychadelic like LSD or synthetic analogue. Sounds like he might even be selling them.
    44 hard to say. Burn marks and large pupils sounds like Meth or crack.
    52 could be both. The big pupils sleeping craving sweets sounds like dope. Big pupils angry hyper could be coke crack Meth or any stimulant really. Also sounds like he might be dependent on the H and that’d making him sick
    53 sounds like wax/shatter/BHO and sounds like he’s making it too

  • Sorry. Meant to write tiny pupils indicate opiate/heroin use. Fluctuation of pupil size not counting changes due to light are a dead giveaway.

  • my son just turned 19, I know he smokes marijuana and this Tyrol codeine substance called on the streets lean. he has admitted to selling Meth but promised to stop if we let him come back home, we let him come back and found lots of empty sandwich baggies and a scale in his back. pretty sure he is selling again, lots of traffic of people coming by our house late at night . we kicked him out. he has no where else to live, my heart breaks that he is homeless, where can I find a shelter and treatment for him ? my insurance does not take mental health or substance support,

  • I find in my son’s bathroom trash qtips (the ones with the blue plastic with cotton on ends) with the cotton missing and the blue long part broken in several pieces. I never see the end with the cotton on it. He is a recovered (or so he says) addict. I don’t find any other signs of drugs or paraphanallia in his room. He is on suboxone, adderall and klonopin. All of which I believe he abuses. Curious about the qtips. I know the cotton is used for heroine.

  • My fiance done crack I know and he stopped I know he did then I started noticing all my light bulbs were “blown” out which they were removed from the fixtures,cut up ,straws everywhere, and he didn’t sleep for like a week and was picking his skin off his tattoos saying me and my daughter was orange a d he took like 7 showers a day his clothes reeked like a chemical smell and he was angry did not eat I know this was not crack what could he be doing with the light bulbs? Oh and all his lighters had the metal safety off them

  • Spouse has hx of pot, meth abuse. Now recently found brand new razor blade on the floor ( he doesn’t use this kind) and noted a lot of dirt like substance on the floor around the toilet.. What could the razor and dirt like substance mean?

  • I know my son smokes pot But recently I found a small piece of aluminum foil with some white flat squares. What is this?

  • Hi, my roommate started acting really weird. i suspected drugs because he has been really out of it. and also staying up until 6am and then sleeping until 6pm. he also stole some things. on his nightstand, i saw a knife, cut up toothpaste bottle, lighter, upside down DVD, and a small vile. there was also white substance on the nightstand but it didnt seem like cocaine…it looked more like salt! (shiny crystals instead of powdery) i know he’s doing some type of drug but what could it be??

  • hi , yesteday , in my daughter room,I found a an empty bottle for aftershave spray foam which had been hidden under the floor vent cover.could it be the sign of using drug?thanks

  • i’m a mom of a drug user. (coke, herion and crack) plus grandmother of a addict. I have known of some of the stuff used but not difference in paraphania and intruments? can some one tell me?

  • I keep finding broken pens around the house, one end still sealed. I also noticed a pair of scissors that had burnt residue on them. What could this be used for?

  • I keep finding tissues with a round small hole in one corner in my son’s pockets. What could this be for? I know he smokes marijuana.

  • I found a ball of tinfoil wrapped around a ball of stiff white paper in my boyfriend´s car. It had a synthetic smell. I know he does cocaine but I suspect him of doing heroin too – his pupils are like pinheads 24-7. I have noticed too many strange behavioral signs to list here. But nodding off, constantly tired without reason, sleeps a deadlike sleep, grey skin, black spots on teeth, sometimes gets a weird hyper high and cleans my flat for hours, glasslike eyes, cannot doo eye contact, scratches himself, avoids certain phone calls, no sexdrive, 2-3 hour drives to get cigarettes… it goes on and on….

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