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west palm beach recoveryThe transition from a life of addiction to a life of recovery and sobriety is a major shift. A life of recovery entails the acquisition of new life skills and adapting to both new ways of behavior and interacting with the immediate world around them. The key to fully and successfully making this transition into this new way of life is to do so in a proactive community environment in which healthy lifestyles are encouraged amidst peers and organizations that provide support and empowerment. West Palm Beach, Florida is one of those communities that provide support to those in recovery from substance abuse.


An Oasis of Recovery and Sobriety

West Palm Beach, Florida—along with Delray Beach—is the epicenter of a thriving recovery community which has been slowly spreading throughout the United States. With the template set with a community near Hazelden Clinic in Minnesota, recovery communities have been planting roots in locations such as Arizona, southern California, and Utah. As pointed out in a 2007 article written by Jane Gross that was featured in the New York Times, these recovery communities have not been studied on an extensive level. However, there is a consensus that substance abuse is a chronic and relapsing disease. Therefore, it requires permanent lifestyle changes that may be easier in a new environment. Relapse rates range from 90 percent, for short treatment programs with no follow-up care, to 40 percent when treatment is comprehensive and long-lasting.

Inpatient Treatment

Along with the Palm Beach Institute, there is a myriad of other treatment facilities that are located in West Palm Beach, Florida. These top-notch facilities allow the struggling addict to reside within the facility and receive the around the clock care they require while working through the many facets of their addictions.  Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment facilities offer a wide range of services from medical detoxification, group and one-on-one counseling, alternative therapies, nutritional guidance and recreation among other services. The staff within these facilities are both experienced and licensed to provide the services tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Sober Living

Many of the inpatient drug treatment facilities in West Palm Beach have extensive aftercare and sober living programs those in recovery can turn to once formal inpatient treatment has been completed. There are quality living residences for recovering individuals to continue applying the knowledge and life skills that were acquired while in inpatient treatment. There are organizations such as the Best Halfway House Network that can assist recovering addicts in finding the best living situations for their personal needs as well as help in finding employment, finish education and procure housing that will help them transition out of sober living.


Networking and the Recovery Scene

A crucial piece in the recovery puzzle is having the solid peer networking and support that provide the recovering addict a solid foundation to grow and prosper in their recovery. West Palm Beach, Florida offers countless twelve-step meetings that are attended by thousands of people who are in various stages of recovery.  There are also alumni networks such as the one established at Palm Beach Institute in which new graduates of their inpatient treatment program can find mentors in past graduates. Some twelve-step groups and other similar minded organizations have websites as well as Facebook pages and Twitter in order to keep people engaged and involved in the recovery community.

The recovery scene is buzzing with young faces who are excited about their new sobriety and their new way of life. The Palm Beach area also includes many more non-traditional recovery outlets. Sober hangout spots, sobriety-based t-shirt brands, live music and other nightlife.It is a great place for anyone to find sobriety.

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