Consider an Out-of-State Rehab and Go to Palm Beach Institute

out-of-state rehab For people struggling with substance abuse, enrolling in any drug treatment program is a big step, and even more daunting if it’s at an out-of-state rehab.

An addict may find themselves in a place where they know no one, everything seems expensive, and their initial thought is, “I want to go back home.” Even so, there are many benefits to traveling for treatment.

There’s no sugarcoating the fact that rehab is difficult, but treatment can save lives and start to repair the damage of addiction. Rehab may not be a guaranteed one-stop shop for a cure for addiction, but it is an opportunity to learn life skills that are needed for recovery after treatment.

Because if there’s one key to recovery, it’s change.

Recovery requires more than just quitting drugs or alcohol. It may involve changing every aspect of your life, including your place on the map. Going to an out-of-state rehab can be intimidating to someone who thinks they’ve lost everything, but a fresh start could be the catalyst to a better life.

Home is Where the Heart is, But Also Triggers for Relapse

alcohol out-of-state rehabHome can be a safe space, but it also can be a minefield of relapse triggers after getting treatment. Relapse rates remain high for people with substance use disorders—somewhere between 40 and 60 percent, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse—partly because people who go to in-state drug rehabs don’t allow enough of a transition when going back home. They run the risk of walking into a living room filled with drug paraphernalia, driving by the gas station where they got their fix, or getting visits from friends who are still using.

At an out-of-state rehab, clients can give themselves the opportunity to start off with a clean slate, where they can build a new network of friends in the recovery. At Palm Beach Institute, clients will be part of a loving community that looks out for one another. They’ll be guided by a case manager, who will ensure a smooth transition into life after recovery.

An Out-of-State Rehab Can Provide More Privacy

palm beach instituteRehab is an understandably private affair for most. Rather than have awkward alibis for why you’re in town but not at work, or get caught like Big Foot at rehab, you can relax in seclusion in an out-of-state rehab.

When you first get to the Palm Beach Institute, for example, it’s just another charming yellow house in the neighborhood, with tall hedge bushes shading it away from onlookers. Surrounded by palmettos and Florida elm trees, this rehab is like a bungalow in Key West, allowing clients to fulfill their treatment in private and at their own leisure.

Save a Life and Some Money at an Out-of-State Rehabilitation

afford an out-of-state rehabOnly 10.9 percent of people who needed addiction treatment actually receive it, according to the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Figuring out how to afford drug rehab is an obvious concern that has prevented too many people from seeking out the treatment they need.

Some people settle for the nearest rehab center they can find, assuming that a local facility is cheaper, but that is not always the case. If you’re considering attending an out-of-state rehab, call your insurance representative and learn about rehab centers in your HMO network. The Palm Beach Institute is recommended to people all over the country by insurance agents, and depending on certain clients’ financial situation, scholarships may be given out to cover costs.

A Great Location Can Help Ease Recovery

group therapyThere’s no point in going to an out-of-state rehab that doesn’t try to exceed its competition. Clients who enroll in the Palm Beach Institute know right off the bat that they’re protected once they learn that the center is two blocks down from a hospital—and even closer to the beach, where clients can soak up the sun on the Atlantic coast.

Weekly Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Hospital and Institution Commitments (H&I) meetings are all held on-site, so clients won’t have to leave the safety of the rehab center and can participate in a dedicated group effort to encourage recovery. Fun activities on the beach and at nearby parks, including trips to the movie theater and bowling alley, are also experienced by clients at the Palm Beach Institute, promoting a healthy lifestyle for life after treatment.

Need Help? Come to Palm Beach Institute

At the Palm Beach Institute, you’re more than just a client. You’re family. We take the time to address every person’s addiction and needs so that when they leave, they can feel ready to tackle sobriety in life after treatment. If you or a loved one are looking for change, but still have questions about drug treatment, feel free to call our 24-hour helpline at (855) 534-3574, and one of our call agents will assist you. Start recovery today.

Multidisciplinary Treatment

multidisciplinary-addiction-treatment.fwOur multidisciplinary approach honors the diversity of people and personalities who struggle with addiction.

Every person we treat is a distinct individual who arrives at PBI with a unique combination of characteristics involving race, culture, creed, life position, life history, drug of choice, and using style. Each person responds to different forms of therapeutic modalities and counseling approaches. This is why The Palm Beach Institute utilizes a team approach in creating substance abuse treatment plans tailored to each client’s unique needs.

PBI’s staff of professionals include: psychiatrists, family therapists, masters level counselors, social workers and certified chemical dependency professionals.

Our collaborative, individualized approach insures understanding of each client so that we can deliver a highly-beneficial treatment program.