Pet Meds Can Fuel Opioid Addiction

Drug addiction is driving some people to use pet meds for themselves, authorities say. Ketamine, tramadol, and Valium are some of the drugs they seek out from veterinarians, who prescribe the medicine to help the animals in their care. “They’ve gotten very sophisticated in how they obtain drugs and go about their activities,” said Jim Arnold, chief […]

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Crackland Olympics: Gang Run Brazil and the Crack Plague

As the 2016 Olympics continues to proceed, pregnant women are smoking crack in Rio de Janeiro. Children are drug dealing, trafficking, and holding assault rifles in the favela—a Brazilian shantytown or slum. Gangs are running the streets and the city with police control having little to no effect on bringing order. This is a day […]

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Phenazepam: The New (And Dangerous) Kid On The Block

caution sign

It seems with each passing day, we hear about a new drug that people are using in order to catch their next buzz or high. Whether it is on the evening news, splashed on social media or the subject of the latest YouTube video, these drugs capture the national attention and add to the worries […]

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Addiction and the Baby Boomer Generation

old hippy lady smoking a ciggarette

In drug and alcohol rehab centers across the country, treatment professionals are seeing an increasing number of older adults enter substance abuse treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction among those in their 50s and 60s is on the rise, and with baby boomers comprising nearly one-quarter of the United States population, it is likely this trend […]

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Ready to Stop Using? How to Get Into Rehab

It is no secret that drugs and alcohol cause destruction in one’s life.   If you are in the grips of addiction there are many aspects of your life that are falling about and have deteriorated to a degree where daily live is severely impacted.  Your health is deteriorating, your relationships with friends and family are […]

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15 Signs You’re Going to a Great Rehab

The process of beginning your journey towards sobriety and long-term recovery can be overwhelming and fraught with confusion.  Once the decision is made to address a substance abuse issue through drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation, the amount of information and questions regarding that information can come at you from all angles.  After doing the […]

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Why Do I Need Rehab: Why Can’t I Just Stop On My Own?

why do i need rehab?

Undergoing a comprehensive drug treatment program for substance abuse is an essential step in the direction for long-term sobriety and recovery.  While the benefits of drug treatment are numerous, there are those who seek recovery who show hesitance in taking this step.  It can be difficult to step back and take an objective look at […]

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The Dangers of Leaving Treatment Early

For the addict who is in a drug & alcohol addiction treatment center, the temptation of leaving treatment early and against medical advice is ever present.  Those feelings are bolstered by the sense of separation and isolation from family and friends as well as thoughts that you have some clarity and can pursue recovery on […]

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