What are the Most-Used Drug Paraphernalia?

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There are many different substances to which individuals can become addicted. While alcohol and tobacco are legal in most places and marijuana has recently been legalized in several states, there are a vast number of illicit substances that many individuals use on a daily basis. Many of such substances require a variety of different tools […]

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What is the Addiction Recovery Process for Families?

Addiction is a very unique, complicated disease. It can develop in virtually anyone no matter their age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, location, or political proclivities. Moreover, the disease can occur due to many different circumstances, including social and environmental, developmental, biological and genetic, and so on. In effect, the disease of addiction is an indiscriminate […]

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7 Support Groups for Families of an Addicted Loved One

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Over the course of active addiction, individuals become accustomed to living an unstable, unhealthy life in which the passage of time is marked by a perpetual cycle of seeking drugs, consuming drugs, and then seeking drugs again. Addicts become a shell of their former selves, physically and even psychologically compelled to consume alcohol and administer […]

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What to Do if You Find Evidence That Your Teen is Using Drugs

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Using decades of extensive research conducted by experts in the fields of health and psychology, we have determined that addiction is a chronic relapsing disease that occurs due to a confluence of social, physical, genetic, and environmental factors. Although the details—drugs of choice, length and severity of active addiction, and so on—vary from one addict […]

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A Survival Kit For Families With Addicted Loved Ones

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Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease which can destroy the life of the addict. Addiction is also a family disease in the fact that the relationships within the family unit are severely tested and can become severely dysfunctional. For the family of the addict, there is great stress and embarrassment that is felt along with […]

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A Lesson for Families: How to Stop Enabling

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For families and friends of loved ones who are addicts, it is only natural to try and help them through their struggles and find recovery. You want to do everything in your power to take action and support the addict, so he can get the drug and alcohol rehab treatment he needs. However, the steps […]

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5 Ways to Help a Loved One in Rehab

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Helping a loved one struggling with addiction can be extremely difficult without the proper help. But how can you help a loved one in rehab? Addiction isn’t something that should just be swept under the rug. Drug addiction is often a matter of life and death. It is a disease, that, if left untreated, can […]

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Are You an Adult Child of an Alcoholic?

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Our parents and other significant adult figures play a monumental role in our lives. While that impact is not always directly observable, the affects are observable in our psyches, emotionally and psychologically. Children who grow up in dysfunctional or alcoholic/addict households develop similar traits and characteristics as their alcoholic parent(s), such as: poor self-esteem, anxiety […]

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Why the Family Should Participate in their Loved One’s Recovery

For families of addicts, confronting addiction is one of the most difficult steps in seeking substance abuse treatment. Usually, addiction builds a destructive cycle of insanity, to the point that daily family involvement can actually enable the addicted individual to continue their addictive behaviors. Frequently, family members do not know how to bring up the […]

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