Crackland Olympics: Gang Run Brazil and the Crack Plague

As the 2016 Olympics continues to proceed, pregnant women are smoking crack in Rio de Janeiro. Children are drug dealing, trafficking, and holding assault rifles in the favela—a Brazilian shantytown or slum. Gangs are running the streets and the city with police control having little to no effect on bringing order. This is a day […]

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Detox for Suboxone Addiction

depressed teen

There are many drugs to which people can become addicted. Although many of them are illicit substances, there are also a number of drugs that were legally created and intended to help people or be beneficial in some way such as with painkillers and other forms of medication. Many times people associate addiction with alcohol […]

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Why a Medical Detox Program is Needed Before Rehab

man detoxing on his couch

Addiction isn’t a disease that occurs overnight. The prelude to addiction is reckless experimentation with substance abuse. Individuals either become curious about recreational intoxication or begin misusing mind-altering substances while the body becomes increasingly dependent on frequent consumption. When the body becomes dependent on alcohol or drugs, an individual must imbibe several times throughout the […]

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The Dangers of Benzo Withdrawals (And How to do It Right)

Addiction is a very indiscriminate disease, affecting virtually the entire demographic spectrum. No matter whether a person is male or female, young or old, black or white or green, he or she could develop a debilitating substance abuse problem that would ruin or end the person’s life. According to current estimates, there are 24.6 million […]

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Abuse-Resistant Painkillers to Hit the Market, But Will They Really Work?

man passed out nexct to his prescription

A “painkiller” can be a very dangerous, and, at times, an extremely beneficial medication. It belongs to the opioid, or opiate, family of prescription medication(s). Opiates can have extremely therapeutic affects, in terms of pain management. But, unfortunately, the risk for developing a dependence is high. That dependence can, and often will, develop into a […]

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Detox Timeline: How Long Does it Take?

detox timeline

Medical detoxification is an essential part of early recovery, in which the symptoms associated with drug use are minimized to the point where the addict becomes stable enough to enter treatment. Detox is an important piece of recovery, but the discomfort that can be associated with the process may cause apprehension. While pre-existing health issues, […]

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Handling Anxiety without Xanax – Getting off of Xanax

handling anxiety without xanax

People turn to the abuse of various harmful substances for a number of different reasons. For some, it’s due to using alcohol and drugs to socialize, which is why alcohol is often called a social lubricant. Similarly, many individuals will begin abusing a substance if their peers have been experimenting with the recreational use of […]

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Do Rapid Detoxes Work?


Addiction is a very complex, almost enigmatic disease that’s very different from virtually all other diseases. While most others are either physical or psychological, addiction lies somewhere in between with aspects of both a physical and psychological illness. This complicated nature has made the treatment of addiction and the development of effective rehabilitation techniques a […]

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How To Detox From Methadone

how to detox from methadone

For decades, methadone has been used to help in the treatment of opiate addiction, from street-level heroin, prescription opioids and morphine to name a few. A synthetic analgesic, methadone (also known as symoron, dolophine, and methadose) acts as a replacement or substitute for the opioid drug that an individual is addicted and it lessens the […]

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How to Detox from Suboxone

suboxone detox

Suboxone is an opiate narcotic pain reliever that is commonly used in medical detoxification situations for those who are detoxing from opiates such as Oxycontin, Vicodin, codeine, methadone and heroin.  Suboxone is similar in chemical structure to heroin, morphine and codeine, but it does not provide the same euphoria that those drugs provide. Suboxone is […]

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