National Recovery Month: What Palm Beach Institute Has in Store

National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month, which means the Palm Beach Institute definitely has something up its sleeve for readers to enjoy. Some of the main goals of National Recovery Month is to motivate those afflicted with addiction and their loved ones to seek treatment and guidance. By spreading awareness on substance abuse, the Palm Beach […]

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The Night & Day Personality of an Alcoholic

multiple personalities

ease stress and anxiety, a means of relaxing, a way to alleviate physical or psychological symptoms, or a number of other goals; however, individuals who abuse alcohol never intend to become dependent on it. For a number of individuals, periods of frequent and high consumption of alcohol can be considered only a brief phase as […]

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7 Sure Signs of Opiate Addiction

opiate pills

There are many substances and even behaviors to which people can become addicted, each with a number of destructive effects on one’s health, behavior, and overall life. Over the years, the rates of abuse of certain drugs wax and wane as the trends of substance abuse evolve. Recently, the United States has been hit by […]

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A Guide for Newcomers: How to Select a Sponsor

alcoholics anonymous book

Due to years of research and study, we now know addiction to be a disease of the brain, characterized by continuous relapse due to a fixation and compulsion to abuse harmful chemicals and mind-altering substances. As a result of this more modern and enlightened perception of addiction, recovery mostly entails a variety of clinical, medical […]

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The In’s and Out’s of Interventions

man talking to a younger man

The time has come for your alcoholic or chemically-dependent loved one to get help— health or work problems, school or legal issues, financial or home life at risk— the telltale signs just can no longer be brushed off while lives are being destroyed. You, the families and friends, are in pain because of the powerlessness […]

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Getting Through the Holiday Season Sober

man going insane on christmas

The holiday season is intended to be a happy time– one of revelrous get-togethers, jovial festivities, and social gatherings; and, one that is meant to bring about happy feelings, which can be shared with family, friends, and co-workers. Unfortunately, that is not true for everyone. For alcoholics and addicts, this season can remind us of […]

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7 Things to Avoid During an Intervention


There can be great difficulty in getting a loved one drug and alcohol treatment for his addiction. Many drug addicts engage in denial and it can act as a defense mechanism, which can keep the addict rooted in disease. In these situations, an intervention can be an excellent way to get the struggling addict the […]

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7 Signs of Addiction You May Not Know About

hand and drugs on the table, close up

Drug addiction is a complex disease with social, psychological, and biological roots. Addiction is also progressive, and those in the grips of substance abuse can only maintain appearances for so long until the signs and symptoms become evident. While some drug addiction symptoms can be very apparent to family and friends, there are those symptoms […]

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How to Tell Others You’re an Addict

When you admit to yourself candidly and honestly that you are an addict, you are taking the first crucial step toward sobriety and, ultimately, long-term recovery.  Whether you have experienced tragedy, the death of a friend or loved one due to addiction, or you just woke up one morning and decided that you “were sick […]

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How to Deal With Stress in Recovery

how to deal with stress

Learning how to deal with stress in recovery, like the recovery process itself, is an ongoing journey and can present formidable obstacles to the recovering addict.  It is no surprise that a concrete relationship exists between stress and substance use and abuse.  Finding ways to deal with stress in recovery will be key in the […]

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