Crackland Olympics: Gang Run Brazil and the Crack Plague

As the 2016 Olympics continues to proceed, pregnant women are smoking crack in Rio de Janeiro. Children are drug dealing, trafficking, and holding assault rifles in the favela—a Brazilian shantytown or slum. Gangs are running the streets and the city with police control having little to no effect on bringing order. This is a day […]

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Multidisciplinary Approach to Teen Addiction

kid drinking and driving

Substance abuse is a very slippery slope. No one who experiments with recreational intoxication intends to become addicted to alcohol or drugs. More often than not, individuals are caught by surprise when they realize they have become physically and even psychologically dependent on the substances with which they were experimenting. Oftentimes one won’t even realize […]

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What to Do When Your Teen Won’t Stop Abusing Drugs

There are several misconceptions about alcohol and drug addiction, which have resulted in the perception of addicts having willfully chosen the path of addiction. Although behavior and personal choice represent important factors in the development of addiction, there are other components as well. For some individuals, a biological or genetic predisposition makes them more likely […]

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What to Do After Finding Your Teen’s Drug Stash?

stash of drugs in a book

Substance abuse can make its way into even the unlikeliest of places. Individuals of all ages and of all cultural, social, and economic backgrounds can fall victim to substance abuse disorders and addiction. It often begins with what’s believed to be harmless experimentation with recreation substance abuse. Individuals enjoy getting intoxicated from consuming large quantities […]

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Causes of Teen Drug Use: It’s Not Just Peer Pressure

teens abusing drugs

There are many diseases we face today with quite serious implications. Some of them affect a person’s physical health, limiting the activities in which a person can participate. Others affect the mind, causing one of a variety of mental and emotional illnesses. However, addiction is one of the very afflictions that are not physical or […]

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What to Do When Your Teen is Addicted to Opiates

man sitting in a corner alone

Over the past several years, there has been a significant increase in teenagers and young adults being admitted to drug treatment for opiate addiction.  Opiate drugs are powerful narcotics which include heroin, morphine and codeine and are derived from the opium poppy plant.  In addition to opiates, there are drugs called opioids which are considered […]

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Results of Teen Survey Are In…and It’s Actually Good News

young teenage drug addict

Over the past several decades, teenage drug abuse and addiction has been a significant concern for parents, health professionals and lawmakers. While teen drug use continues to make headline news, there are signs that times are changing. Recently, the National Institute of Health (NIH) released the results from this year’s Monitoring the Future survey, and […]

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8 Drugs Trending Among Teens

teen drinking

  There are many different substances available that people can abuse or misuse for recreational enjoyment. While this may seem like innocuous experimentation to users, time and again there are reports in the media about overdoses, and in many cases those individuals were experienced users. What’s more, there have been an increasing number of news […]

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Do Recovery High Schools Really Work?

business man

The teenage years are a tumultuous period where peer and social pressures can be an enormous burden to shoulder. For those teens who are recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, being thrown back into social situations where old friends continue to use drugs can be a frightening prospect. For those who are struggling with teenage […]

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