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Why the Florida Treatment Model Actually Works

For those who are seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction finding the best treatment facility that fits your needs can be a daunting task. Knowing what to look for in a facility while keeping cost and effectiveness of treatment in mind can make the process of finding the best treatment center difficult. A treatment model that has proven successful in helping addicts achieve meaningful and long-term recovery is the “Florida Model” of drug treatment. Developed in the mid 1980’s, this model has become increasingly imitated and this change in drug treatment is one of the reason why people are going to Florida to get sober.

What Makes the Florida Treatment Model Different?


For those undergoing drug treatment under a normal treatment model patients are often housed in facilities which often have the feel of an institution and these types of drug treatment programs offer all of its services under one roof. On the other hand, those facilities that use the Florida Treatment Model feature a campus-like setting that is used for counseling, therapy and programming and have a separate location for housing. Clients are housed in apartments and each have its own kitchen, laundry, common areas, bathrooms, and even patios.

How is the Florida Treatment Model Structured?


The Florida Treatment Model uses several levels of rehabilitation and care that gradually step down in structure and supervision as the patient goes through the various phases of treatment. This is done to help clients gradually reintegrate back into their normal daily routines as seamlessly as possible.  After medical detoxification, which is the most structured and supervised level of care, clients will undergo counseling and therapy. Being able to live in an apartment-like setting has the added benefit of clients learning such basic life skills as cooking, cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping.

Once rehabilitation has been completed, clients have the option of entering transitional housing which also features a campus like setting. While clients have more freedom there is more responsibility placed on the client to continue working their program of recovery. Drug programs that employ the Florida Treatment Model may also feature alumni support groups in which former clients who have substantial recovery time act as mentors to those who have recently completed treatment.

How Successful is the Florida Treatment Model?


Those who are looking into drug treatment may wonder how treatment programs measure success. Oftentimes it is determined by the success rates of former clients who have completed treatment at their facility. This is commonly done by the use of surveys and self-evaluation. For those drug treatment centers who employ the Florida Treatment Model results have shown success rates higher than more traditional treatment facilities. These facilities will have these types of results verified by independent and reputable research firms.

Palm Beach Institute (PBI) has not only been one of the oldest and most respected drug treatment facilities in South Florida, but it also helped create and implement the Florida model of drug treatment. Throughout its existence, PBI has helped nearly 12,000 people find long-term recovery by utilizing a multi-disciplinary treatment approach and full continuum of care. The success of the adult, adolescent and family programs offered at PBI is seen through the countless testimonials of former clients who have successfully completed treatment and have successfully maintained recovery and lasting sobriety.

PBI is nationally and internationally known for the drug and alcohol treatment programs that are offered and as the first private drug and alcohol treatment\ facility in Florida, PBI has set the standard by which subsequent treatment centers are measured. For further information on the programs PBI offers, you can call toll-free at 1-855-470-2050 to speak with a representative.

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