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Heroin Abuse Addiciton and Statistics

-Over a tenth of the 1.5 million emergency room patient visits due to drug abuse or overdose were attributed to heroin users in the year 2005.

-Over half of the accidental deaths that occurred due to drug abuse or overdose in the year 2008 involved the use of heroin.

-Heroin overdose rates have grown at double-digit rates for man and women over the age of 35 all over the world.

-The fourth leading cause of death in the age group of people between 25 and 49 is due to overdose of illicit drugs.

-A Heroin user can pay anywhere from $150.00 and up to support their addiction each day.

-51 percent of all accidents reported in hospital emergency rooms as far back as 1999 was attributed to Heroin and Morphine abuse, it has increased significantly since then.

-In the 25 to 49 age group, illicit drug overdose is the fourth leading cause of death, about the same number as motor vehicle crashes.

-Children as young as 13 have been found involved in heroin abuse.

-Over 80% of heroin users inject with a partner, yet 80% of overdose victims found by paramedics are alone.

-Heroin (diacetylmorphine) is a highly addictive semisynthetic opioid that is derived from morphine. When used intravenously, it is 3-5 times more potent than its parent compound, and is able to modulate pain perception and cause euphoria. In its pure form, heroin is a white powder with a bitter taste. Because of impurities and additives, street heroin may appear in various hues and colors, ranging from white to dark brown, to a black, tarry substance.

-Mexican heroin production has increased significantly since 2002 from an estimated 6.8 metric tons to a production level of 50 metric tons in 2011—a more than seven-fold increase in just seven years. This increase in production has made heroin more available in many areas across the country, including Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Illinois, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

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