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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation at The Olive House


Located in an inviting and quiet neighborhood in the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida, Olive House is an extended care residential treatment facility that is part of the Palm Beach Institute’s comprehensive drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs. Located just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, the Olive House is where adults who are in recovery from substance abuse learn about the disease of addiction and develop the long-term living and coping skills needed to ensure long-term recovery.

12 Step Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation for Adults

Our Twelve Step based program takes into account the unique needs of each client including their cultural values and backgrounds, gender, family dynamics and structure, values and belief systems, and substance abuse history. Our treatment staff collaborates on individual treatment plans that is tailored to these factors as well as a patient’s willingness to change. Whether it is your first time in treatment or you have a history of chronic relapse, Palm Beach Institute is here to assist in your recovery.

Palm Beach Institute is First in Adult Rehab & Recovery

As the first private drug and alcohol rehab facility in Florida, Palm Beach Institute has been an industry pioneer for over 40 years. We are one of the only drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Florida to offer a unified continuum of care that includes:

– Medical detoxification services

– Inpatient rehabilitation

– Transitional living

– Outpatient and aftercare programs

The pioneering spirit that drives Palm Beach Institute can be seen in both our innovative drug rehab and alcohol rehab programming. Our programming values and honors each clients’ individuality while creating an empowering environment where the client can process feelings in a safe manner while learning about the disease of addiction.
For further assistance, you can contact PBI toll-free at 1-855-470-2050 or online at www.pbinstitute.com.

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