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Supervised Medical Drug Detox

palm beach detox centerOne of the main reasons why The Palm Beach Institute should be your first contact for substance abuse treatment is the fact they are one of the few drug treatment centers in Florida that offer onsite medical detoxification services. By offering a full continuum of care in one centralized location, it is believed that better treatment outcomes are possible. Supervised by board certified and experienced staff, the medical detoxification program at The Palm Beach Institute treats clients who need to detox from drugs such as alcohol, prescription pills, heroin, methamphetamine and other physically and/or emotionally addictive substances.

How will medical detoxification help you or a loved one suffering from addiction?

Medical detoxification will help in the following ways:

– The management and elimination of medically dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

– The reduction of both physical and psychological discomfort associated with withdrawal.

– Taper the patient off of drugs through the short term use of Suboxone, when medically indicated.

– Help to manage both co-existing medical and psychiatric conditions associated with addiction.

What can you or your loved one who is struggling with addiction expect from the Medical Detoxification program here at the Palm Beaches?

– The client’s internal balance is regained and substance abuse habits are interrupted.

– Clients begin to regain health through nutritional rehabilitation.

– Clients receive counseling and therapy that is catered specifically to his or her personal goals and desires.

– Clients are introduced to PBIs structured addiction treatment programming, including a morning goals group, daily rest and reflection group,  the PBI handbook, 12 step meetings, and several other helpful groups.  Participation only begins once patient is medically stabilized. These introductory groups help prepare patients in medical detox for the next step in addiction treatment.

With the full range of services provided in their Medical Detoxification program, The Palm Beach Institute should be your first call regarding quality drug treatment care for you or a loved one who is struggling with substance abuse. For other valuable information regarding medical detoxification, we have links to those articles at the bottom of the page. Representatives from The Palm Beach Institute are available twenty-four hours a day for your questions and concerns, and your confidentiality is top priority.

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