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At The Palm Beach Institute, we provide drug and alcohol addiction treatment at multiple phases, from long-term residential care to post-treatment support with our alumni program.

We’re one of a handful of addiction treatment centers in Florida that provides such a comprehensive level of treatment and a wide range of treatment modalities.

Long-Term Residential

After detox, the next recommended step is inpatient treatment, which involves living in the facility and attending daily meetings and counseling in both group and individual sessions to help get to the root of your addiction. At our long-term residential inpatient facility, The Olive House, you will be surrounded by people going through similar experiences who, along with the treatment staff, can help provide support and motivation to stay committed to your recovery and keep moving forward. We can also help those that are struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder through our dual diagnosis programs.

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Outpatient Program

Once a residential or inpatient program has been completed, it is important to make sure that your treatment doesn’t end there. Returning to your home life along with all the stressors and triggers that go along with it can be a quick recipe for relapse. That’s why we offer outpatient programs to help you remain plugged into the recovery community and to help keep you accountable as you transition back into everyday life. Outpatient is also ideal for those with moderate addictions who need to primarily focus on the clinical aspect of their struggles with substance abuse. Throughout all of our residential and outpatient programs, we utilize the 12-step methodology as well as SMART recovery to help maximize our clients’ potential for long-term success.

Addiction Recovery Alumni Program

It’s a common saying in the field of addiction treatment that recovery doesn’t end after treatment. Addiction is a chronic disease that requires a lifetime of management. At The Palm Beach Institute, we know that staying connected with others in recovery can make this task that much easier, and that’s just what our Alumni Program does. Through meetings, events, and activities, the Alumni Program ensures that our newly-graduated clients can get the continued support they need to stay sober, as well as help early post-treatment challenges like finding housing, employment, and other services.

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