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Relapse Prevention

PBI’s full continuum of care model, individualized treatment approach, and core recovery program, allows us to develop strong ties with our clients and their families. When clients are ready to leave treatment, we draw from this relationship to provide them with a truly personalized aftercare plan. Designed to support sustained recovery and relapse prevention, the aftercare plan is an integral part of the recovery process.

Relapse Prevention

Palm Beach Institute follows Terence Gorski’s model for Relapse Prevention. According to Gorski, the goals of relapse prevention are to teach the client how to recognize and manage high-risk situations and patterns of self-defeating thinking and behaviors that set them up to start using alcohol or drugs again.


He also maintains that with relapse prevention, we do a prompt intervention to assure any client that relapses gets back into recovery as soon as possible. We stress that getting back into recovery quickly results in low cost and a greater chance of future recovery. We establish an early intervention plan to include the client’s family, significant others and recovery friends be engaged in the client’s treatment to close off the avenues of possible relapse. The whole center and family is part of the treatment team and the client is the main focus. This helps remove support for substance and alcohol use for the client. It helps the client get motivated and back into their treatment, or return to treatment. We address the shame and guilt the client feels after a relapse and emphasize getting back on track is a successful move, not a shameful move.

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