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Inpatient Treatment Program

  • Those who are successful in recovering are successful for a reason. Interacting with people who are successful in treatment may prove to be beneficial to you, as they will most likely have advice and tips that may aid you in your recovery.
  • While distracting yourself during treatment may sound good to help ignore withdrawal symptoms, it is possible that someone in recovery will overwork themselves. They may even be susceptible to workaholism. For this reason, it is important to detect and identify any strange behaviors associated with workaholism.
  • Relapse is treatable but, however common it may be, relapse should never be viewed as “OK” and “acceptable.” This can cause overconfidence in a patient, resulting in an increased chance of relapse. Relapse is not always treatable, and there is always a chance that you won’t get another shot at treatment, so avoid relapse at all costs.
  • Recovery is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. If your treatment process is making you feel uncomfortable in any way, then that treatment may not be right for you. Talking to your case manager or treatment center management about possibly changing programs or even centers is necessary when treatment becomes excruciatingly difficult. Your comfort and safety should be at the top of a center’s priorities.


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