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Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol use causes you to be late or absent from work.
You engage in risky behavior, such as driving under the influence of alcohol.
You experience blackouts after drinking.
You have had legal problems due to alcohol use, such as duii, assault, etc.
You get hurt or hurt someone else while under the influence of alcohol.
You have health problems as a result of alcohol use, but keep drinking
Friends, family, coworkers or employers have expressed a concern about your alcohol use.

Signs of Alcohol Dependence or Addiction

You are unable to control the frequency or quantity of alcohol that you consume.
You need to drink increasing amounts of alcohol to get the same effect.
When you try to stop drinking you experience withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, sweating, tremors, and anxiety.
You invest large amounts of time drinking, thinking about drinking and recovering from drinking.
Drinking has replaced other activities in your life.
Drinking harms your body and your relationships, yet you continue to drink.
You feel guilty after drinking, make excuses for your drinking, or try to hide your drinking from others.

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