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Male Adolescent Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

If you are the parent of a teenage son, you understand they are going through a period of immense physical, emotional and psychological growth. As their bodies and minds mature, adolescents are learning how to make sense of the world they live in and are understanding how to interact with others on a deeper level. While this time period is one of great growth and promise, the teenage years are also a time where they are vulnerable to peer pressure and inundated with messages from mass media. With everything teenagers face today, drug and alcohol use continues to be a major concern among all parents.

Adolescent Male Addiction Treatment Center in Palm Beach

Teenagers are introduced to drugs and alcohol by friends and often experiment with these substances as a way to “fit in” or feel more mature. While experimentation may be viewed by some parents as “just a part of growing up” or that “it’s just a phase”, drug use during the teenage years poses significant health risks that can last through adulthood. Because an adolescent’s brain and body are in a crucial phase of growth the use of drugs and alcohol impairs physical and mental functioning. Additionally, teens who experiment and become addicted to substances suffer academically, can get into frequent legal trouble and put severe burdens on their families.

Adolescent Male Addiction Treatment Center in Palm Beach
Adolescent Male Addiction Treatment Center in Palm Beach

According to statistics compiled by Office of Adolescent Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

If your teenage son  is abusing drugs and becoming addicted to these substances, it is absolutely critical they receive drug treatment right away. With the variety of treatment options that are available for young people, you may not know where to starting looking for help or who you can turn to for resources and support. With over 40 years in the adolescent treatment field, The Palm Beach Institute offers quality adolescent treatment care that will help your child break free from addiction.

Turn to PBI for a High-Quality Male Adolescent Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facility

The Palm Beach Institute offers specialized adolescent drug treatment programming for those young people aged 13-17. Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, the adolescent treatment program allows young people to focus on the underlying causes of their addiction while providing an environment where they can heal. Our experienced staff realizes that a major challenge in an adolescent’s recovery is the feeling they feel alone and not among those in their peer group. We work to create an atmosphere trust and support so that young people who are seeking treatment can associate with others who can relate to them in an individual or group setting.

The foundations of our adolescent drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are rooted in the Twelve Steps, which provides the blueprint for our clients to pursue their own goals in recovery. Since teenagers have unique challenges regarding addiction, our skilled clinicians focus counseling and treatment on those areas that have the greatest impacts on adolescents which include:

A Multidisciplinary Approach at Our Palm Beach Teen Addiction Treatment Program

At the Palm Beach Institute, adolescents who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse need stability and consistency in their treatment and care. At all levels of treatment, young people will benefit in receiving all the essential drug treatment services under one roof. From medical detoxification and partial hospitalization, counseling and therapy, aftercare programs and transitional housing options, the treatment staff at PBI is able to continually evaluate and monitor the progress of each patient. Additionally, those in the adolescent addiction program at PBI will be surrounded by other young people who are going through similar experiences. This provides young people with the support and encouragement to stay on the path towards sobriety and recovery.

For over four decades, The Palm Beach Institute has been a pioneer in the treatment of adolescents and adults alike.  With a combined 150 years of experience in the addiction and recovery field, the staff at the Palm Beach Institute provides expert care, with an approach that is rooted in both respect and compassion for each client. For further information on the adolescent drug treatment that The Palm Beach Institute provides, call toll-free at 1-855-960-5456 and speak with a member of our team right now. Don’t let the ravages of addiction prevent your teenager from reaching their full potential; call PBI and give your child the fresh start they need to grow and prosper.