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Adult Addiction Rehabilitation in Palm Beach at The Olive House

For those people who are suffering from the effects of drug and alcohol abuse or addiction, it is highly recommended they seek help at an inpatient drug treatment facility. Adult inpatient rehab programs removes the addict from the negative influences and circumstances that contributed to their addiction problems and allows them to focus on their recovery. The structure and programming of adult addiction treatment facilities addresses a client’s physical and mental issues and helps build the necessary life and coping skills needed to sustain their recovery once they complete treatment. If you are looking for an adult addiction treatment program that features the counseling, therapy, and aftercare programs that will help you overcome your addiction, The Palm Beach Institute should be your first and only choice for treatment services.

Our Adult Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program in Palm Beach

Established in 1970, The Palm Beach Institute was the first private addiction treatment center established in South Florida. Since its inception, PBI has helped thousands of people break the cycle of drug dependence and addiction. We offer adult rehabilitation services at Olive House, which is a live-in treatment facility that is a part of our comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment programs. Located just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, the Olive House helps clients focus on building those essential long-term coping skills that are needed for a health-centered recovery lifestyle.

Adult Addiction Rehabilitation in Palm Beach
Adult Addiction Rehabilitation in Palm Beach

Our counseling therapy approaches are rooted in the Twelve Steps, evidence-based and proven effective in helping you overcome your drug dependence and addiction issues. With a combined 150 years of experience, our treatment staff is able to serve the unique needs of clients, which include their cultural values and backgrounds, gender, family history, and their individual value systems and beliefs. As a result, our treatment staff is able to create individualized treatment plans that are tailored to meet the unique and specific needs of each client.

What Services Are Offered in PBI’s Adult Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Palm Beach?

For over 40 years, The Palm Beach Institute has been a pioneer in drug and alcohol treatment. We are one of the only substance abuse rehab centers in the state of Florida that offers clients comprehensive care, treatment, and other programming that works together, so that those who are in treatment can experience a full continuum of care. This philosophy of client care emphasizes stability and consistency in which treatment staff works with clients in every step of their recovery journey. Our innovative adult addiction treatment program includes the following components:

In addition to these services, PBI encourages the families of addicts to participate in the treatment and recovery process through specially-designed family programs. These family programs help family members understand their roles in a loved one’s addiction and they learn effective methods of communication and boundary setting. The Palm Beach Institute also offers a unique alumni program, in which previous graduates of PBI’s adult addiction treatment program can act as mentors to those have just completed drug treatment. Ultimately, all of these services and programs are seen as complementary pieces that address the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of addiction and help clients become confident in their new found sobriety.

Turn to PBI for the Best in Palm Beach Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Making the decision to enter drug treatment is one of the most important decisions that you can make in your life. Drug treatment is an essential cornerstone for long-term recovery, and finding an adult drug rehab facility that can provide you with the services and support you need is critical to your success. With over four decades in the addiction treatment field, PBI offers counseling therapy options delivered by compassionate and experienced staff, whose goal is to help you completely break free from the devastating effects of addiction. Call PBI toll-free today at 1-855-960-5456 and take that crucial first step in your journey to freedom from drugs and alcohol.