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Addiction Recovery Alumni Program

Addiction Recovery Alumni Program

The Alumni Program at The Palm Beach Institute provides newly-graduated clients with both the advocacy and support they need as they return to their respective communities and continue their journey of recovery. This program can help those who are reintegrating into everyday life by providing assistance in:

  • Completing job applications
  • Obtaining employment
  • Finding housing and other services

Alumni Involvement Is Crucial to the Recovery Process

Alumni who have completed treatment and have established significant recovery outside of treatment also make themselves available to clients who have recently completed treatment at The Palm Beach Institute. Clients are urged to become active alumni as they continue on their respective journeys of recovery, happiness, and hope. The Alumni Program at The Palm Beach Institute is designed to keep alumni connected to each other through meetings, events, and activities, as well as through social media.

How the Alumni Program Keeps Clients Connected

The Alumni Program at The Palm Beach Institute keeps both past clients and newly-graduated clients connected through:

  • Weekly alumni meetings which are held in our meeting room at 314 10th Street, West Palm Beach and the food is served in our dining room after the meeting. All alumni are welcome and encouraged to attend.
  • Monthly newsletters and emails to members to keep them informed of current news and upcoming events.
  • Social media, including The Palm Beach Institute Alumni Program’s Facebook,  Twitter, and Google+ pages.