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Why Choose the Palm Beach Institute?

As the Palm Beach Institute was the first private addiction treatment center in South Florida, our facility treats stages of recovery from drug and alcohol detox to substance abuse treatment.

The Palm Beach Institute has helped more than 12,000 clients recover from drug and alcohol addiction throughout its distinguished 45-year history.

Browse the information below and learn why The Palm Beach Institute is the right place for you or your loved one, or call 1-800-433-5098 and speak with someone from our team now!

What Defines a Great Treatment Facility?

When choosing a treatment facility there are several important factors to keep in mind when making that decision.  A final choice should only be made when all factors pertaining to the addict’s specific situation are carefully weighed and debated.  Here are examples of important considerations to keep in mind:

  1.  What facilities fit the recovery needs the best?—There needs to be a search not only a facility that fits the certain recovery needs of the addict, but the facility needs to have a proven success history in regards to treating that specific addiction. Keep in mind, however, that the best facility that suits those specific needs may not be located in the immediate area.
  2. Accreditation—Ensure that the treatment program that is being considered has the proper accreditation by the state it is in. Also ensure that the program is run by licensed and well-trained staff, both in the addiction and mental health fields.
  3. Treatment Methods—The treatment methods implemented should have a proven track record that is bolstered by statistics of its’ success. These statistics should originate from an outside agency who is objective and impartial.
  4. Aftercare—Are there aftercare programs, and if so are they well-run? Do they provide referrals to other resources in the community? Is there collaboration between patient and staff with regards to creating a discharge plan once treatment is completed?
  5. Cost—what types of insurance are accepted? If a prospective patient does not have insurance, are there programs or grants that can help with funding so care can be provided?
  • Matt B’s Recovery Story

    Raised in a "good home," I was dealing drugs and a full-blown addict by age fourteen. In two months, I celebrate getting my one-year sobriety chip. To celebrate, I’m going to Israel to live on a Kibbutz for two months. Raised in an upper class, low-crime neighborhood in a family that was supportive and loving, I wonder how I became an addict? My journey into the world of addiction started as it...

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  • The Palm Beach Institute Gives You What You Need

    I'll start by saying this, if you're an addict or alcoholic, you've been born with a "warped" set of ideals. The things you want, and the things you think you need, are often going to put you in situations that make your life worse. You think that everyone may be out to get you and that your discomfort and problems are caused by the people and places around you. That...

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  • The Center Felt Like a Day Spa

    The Palm Beach Institute is a wonderful recovery/treatment center. They have a great and caring staff that shows alot of individual attention. The property and facilities are wonderful. The center felt like a day spa most of the time. The groups were incredibly informative and gave me a great understanding of why my life was not as good as it could be and what I could do to help correct...

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  • The Palm Beach Institute Rehab is The Best Gift I Could Have Given My Son

    It takes courage, awareness, willingness and love to leave our teens in the hands of strangers, as I did my own son at seventeen years of age. He went voluntarily with a Sober Escort: a young man who lives his recovery, as I knew it would be better for Chris to transport Alex to The Palm Beach Institute. Then, a wavering, worried mother, it was the best gift I could have...

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  • I Highly Recommend The Palm Beach Institute

    My name is Mike S., and I am a resident of New Jersey. After many years of sobriety, I relapsed. I was, again, trapped in the miserable abyss of my active alcohol addiction; and, once again,  I was unable to stop my drinking. I asked several friends of mine about rehabs. They recommended The Palm Beach Institute. I was fortunate enough to be admitted to in July of 2009 for...

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  • I Had A Spiritual Awakening at The Palm Beach Institute

    Six months prior to my arrival at The Palm Beach Institute, I went to a New Jersey rehab, reluctantly. There were over 125 people there, and it was very demoralizing. Even though the food was great, and I was able to follow directions well, I was not like the people there. They had money, family, houses -- they had it all. When I left there, I drank within twelve hours....

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  • The Palm Beach Institute Gave Me My First Step Toward Recovery

    At first, I was not exactly happy with the place because of rules. certain groups, staff, and little things like that. Once I was able to look past that and look at myself, I realized this place is actually here to help us; and, all the groups are very informative. The staff was able to help me recognize the underlying character defects I have and gave me a ton of...

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  • I Love Everyone That Helped Me at The Palm Beach Institute

    I came to The Palm Beach Institute because it was in Florida. When I first got here, I hated the place because all they wanted me to do was talk about my feelings; and,  I'm not that type of person. The staff and me always clashed heads, I never wanted to stay in groups ,and I hated my therapist because he wanted me to talk about my stuff. But, when I...

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  • My Stay at The Palm Beach Institute was Quick But Effective

    My stay at The Palm Beach Institute was quick but very effective. I stayed for thirty days; and, throughout those thirty days, many of my problems were solved. I was also given tools to attack the problems that I will encounter in the future. Therapists were very open to client opinions and addressed situations in a timely manner. Overall, I am grateful for my stay and the treatment I received.

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  • The Palm Beach Institute Was My Fifth (5th)Treatment Facility

    I was a patient at The Palm Beach Institute several years ago and was treated with respect and dignity. The experience was far beyond what I could have imagined! The staff were all courteous and respected my privacy but didn't allow me to get in my own way during the whole process. They called me on my stuff and made sure I was accountable for all my actions! I don't know...

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